Meet J.Starr

Let’s Get


Married to Justin for 10 years
Proud Mama of 3 Littles
Lover of Life, People, Experiences
Music Always, All the time Please
Goal Setter, Big Dreamer
Creative Thinker
Lover of Sand, Surf, and Sun
Life Documenter
Afternoon Coffee + Sweet Treat is a Daily Ritual
Future World Traveler

Let’s Talk Business...

ASU Graduate, B.A. in Communication
Certified Wedding Professional
Total Collaboration of 10 Years as a professional in the Wedding Industry
Held Sales Director Positions at some of the valley's most beautifulWedding Venues
Wedding Educator
Current Member of WIPA {Wedding Industry Professional Association}
Blogger, Style Editor for Arizona's Finest Wedding Sites Magazine
Collectively have walked Over 500 Clients Down the Aisle
Owner of J.Starr Stylized Weddings for five Years

My Vibes & My Clients

I’m best suited for couples who:
Desire to Have a FUN and UNIQUE Wedding Day!
Appreciate incorporating their own STYLE into their Wedding Day.
Place great value in LIFE EXPERIENCES
Appreciate all the five senses that go into setting a "mood"...sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste
Love people, love new places, & enjoy trying new things.
Care about providing their families and guests with a comfortable and memorable experience
Desire the ability for you, your spouse, your family and friends to ENJOY the wedding and not have to do any work at all on that special day.


It take’s a village... While I drive the J.Starr train, I have a team of people who support me and often times work right beside me. I’m a big believer in having people around you who encourage you to always be the best version of yourself that you can be.

Justin Starr

My Hubs & Business Partner

I'm allowed to dream and create because I have him in my life to tell me how to make my wild ideas actually come to life. No, you most likely won't see him executing a J.Starr Wedding (though I'm certain he could flawlessly) but chances are his feedback, ideas, and support definitely is a big part of what goes into every J.Starr Wedding that is produced.

April Warner

J.Starr Wedding Planner

April has worked in the wedding industry for ten years and has planned over 300 weddings during her career. Her extensive management experience in the hospitality industry paired with her passion to always provide exceptional customer service make a dream come true for all of the couples she works with.

April is organized, sassy, energetic and overjoyed to make a couples' day special and unique from start to finish.

Renata Hodl

J.Starr Wedding Planner

Renata Hodl has over ten years experience in the Wedding Industry. Her extensive previous management experience in the retail and hospitality industries have given her complete understanding of how an expertly-planned wedding can be perfectly executed. Renata's most valuable attribute, her creativity, has resulted in numerous design-related awards.

What sets apart is her dedication to exceptional customer service. With an understanding that each couple is different, she is adamant that her clients receive a custom experience reflecting their unique personalities.

Melissa Jonovich

J.Starr Assistant Wedding Planner

Melissa has worked in the wedding planning business for the last 5 years. She's very organized and pays attention to the details. She's a hopeless romantic and never tires of seeing 2 people get married. She's a people pleaser, that's why she loves and enjoys making your day as special as can be.