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An Outer Space Tea Party Celebration

Dear Hunter,

Two Sundays ago,  you turned TWO!  You were sent into orbit by your two favorite aliens.  Oh, my little guy how you have certainly BLASTED off.  You RUN (fast), you HOP (a lot), and you GRIN 95% of the day.  In short, you not only kick my booty, but also your Daddy's and your sisters~ you are CONSTANT.  But you little Tigercat,  definitely make our world so much BRIGHTER. 


Life of course, was busier than ever but we knew that your 2nd Birthday deserved to be CELEBRATED!  I asked your sisters what the "Theme" should be for your party?  I believe at first they said "Dinosaurs" as that was your theme last year...then Emma suggested "Mickey Mouse" which would have been cute, but somehow we landed on "Space." I'm thinking this may have had something to do with the fact that your Daddy LOVES space.

We started preparing for your par-tay  the day before.  YES, only the day before.  

Theme, check! 

Guests Invited (Us + "Grammie Gee & Pa," "Uncle Chase," and "Great Grandpa Jim & Pam"), check!

Menu Created, (Super Easy Peasy yet Thematic), check! 

Décor Decided Upon, check!  Since it was Mother's Day, somewhat your "Space" Themed morphed into an "Outer Space Tea Party." This is what happens when I have your sister's design it~ using only décor items that that we already had ;) I kinda LOVED it. 

White Smoke Bombs, check! (left over from one of Mommy's Wedding Magazine Photo Shoots)

A Pair of Alien Sisters, check! (It did help that your sister Emma, looks like the girl from the show  "Stranger Things" at the moment~due to the recent hair cut she gave herself.) 

An handmade UFO, check!  Yes, your Daddy somehow pulled this together using your Fisher Price Car, cardboard, a can of spray paint, tape, and a plastic sword.  


We were ready to CELEBRATE YOU Little Boy!  And oh how we did.  Thank you for being ours. 


Love, Mommy & Daddy