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All Things Stationery & Oils Event

Awe yes, when the Arizona heat kicks in and wedding season slows~ we love to dive into creative collaborations! And we were so honored to be able to do this with one of Arizona's most insanely talented people: Heidi of Idieh Design & Heart Yourself Collective. Yes, Heidi and I wanted to bring some of my beloved J.Starr Clients together along with some of my team members to chat all things wedding invitations/stationery and then followed it up with explaining how essential oils can help wedding couples throughout their wedding planning process.

But we didn't want to stop there, nope....we wanted to keep spreading the LOVE. So with that said, listed below are Heidi's best pieces of advice for all things Stationery & Oils.

Remember you only need an invite PER HOUSEHOLD and not per person. Many couples will think they need 200 invitations when inviting 200 guests, but in reality, it's probably somewhere between 100-115 based on the number of couples versus singles on your list. *PRO TIP: Order 10-15 extra invitations outside of your final count to accommodate for return invites due to wrong address, any people you might add last minute, to replace those that get lost in the mail (it happens!), and a couple "clean" invites for photos and keepsakes.*

Saves the dates typically go out 4-6 months in advance (veer more on the 6 month side if it's a destination wedding) to inform your guests of SOME of the details for the upcoming celebration so they can pencil it in on their calendar. Include information such as names, date, city/state, website (if you have one) and informing them that an invitation is to follow.
Wedding invitations typically head out the door 8-10 weeks in advance. This allows adequate time for the guests to receive the invitations & to send in their RSVP. The couple then has a week or two to follow up with all of the guests who don't RSVP (as some just won't do it) and then the catering staff usually needs to know final guest counts 1-2 weeks prior to your big day. *PRO TIP: No matter when you send out your invitations (unless you are running way behind), request that your guests RSVP a month from the day you plan to send them out. That way there is some urgency when the invitations arrive to send the RSVP back immediately versus it getting thrown into the endless pile of mail and forgotten.*


When deciding if you want to order invitations online or go the route of hiring a custom stationery designer (like myself!), there are some things to consider. Is it important to you to infuse you and your fiancé's personality into the suite to have it feel really personal and unique-to-you? Do you have a specific design in mind that you are envisioning to communicate the overall vibe of your wedding? Do you like the creative process and being able to guide the direction of the design along the way? Are you having a wedding that has unique events outside of your wedding day, such as a welcome party, a day-after brunch, etc.? Are only certain guests invited to certain events or maybe it's a full weekend of parties for all of the guests, but lots of information to deliver? Working with a designer allows you to really customize your suite to fit all of your needs. Overall, if you answered "YES" to any of these questions, the custom route is going to be your best option. It allows you to receive the most unique--to-you design while offering up all of the perks to really customize it to your needs and wants.
Find more wedding tips and advice on all things stationery, make sure to check out idieh design's Girl Talk Series.
Benefits of Using Essential Oils throughout the Planning Process


Essential oils bring BALANCE to the body — they do NOT give nor take away. They detox & create harmony for each individual through the power of natural solutions. Essential oils allow your body to find it's own special balance - all with what you already have inside you. And, that's simply magical, especially throughout the planning process where couples find themselves overwhelmed, overly emotional, and quite exhausted with all of the planning.

The three ways in which you can use oils is aromatically, topically and internally. Here are examples of each in preparing for your big day.
Aromatically: Dropping a few drops between your hands and inhaling or diffusing essential oils are the most common ways that people experience the power of plant magic. Maybe you diffuse some citrus oils in your bridal suite on the day of your wedding to set the uplifting tone of the day. Or maybe you drop a few drops of Lavender between your hands, rub them together, and inhale to help calm those nerves before marrying the man of your dreams.
Topically: Apply doTERRA Motivate, the encouraging blend, on your wrists or behind your neck to get you through all the decision-making throughout the planning process. The extra boost will keep you moving forward to tackle the things you keep putting off. Or, when life seems to always be go, go, GO throughout this stage of your life, apply doTERRA Forgive, the renewing blend, to your pulse points and heart throughout the day to feel grounded and content.
Internally: Finding yourself not sleeping well with all you have to do? Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to a veggie capsule & take internally to calm the body and send you off to dreamland. Wanting to make sure you stay healthy throughout the planning process? Take 2-3 drops of doTERRA OnGuard, the protective blend, for an immunity boost.

When using oils, buying them at the grocery store is not the same as getting them from a trusted source. doTERRA offers the most tested and most trusted oils that, in turn, are the most effective. The plants that provide the oils are harvested in their natural habitats. doTERRA oils are verified pure and free of fillers and harmful contaminants (which can't be said for those purchased off Amazon or at a local grocer). And, they are tested by a third party to ensure authenticity and potency. If you are interested in more info about essential oils and how to bring more natural solutions into your home, I would love to be your oil guide! Send me an email at and make sure to follow us on Instagram.

*Special thank you to Lauren of Gainey Ranch Golf Club for allowing us to host our meet up at your property. And a special thank you so Andrea from A Bakeshop for providing amazing cookie favors. And of course thank you to Heidi for your many talents and insights and to my clients and team members who attended!! xo