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The Engagement of Beckie & Curt

We are so excited to be sharing the engagement story of our amazing J.Starr Couple, Beckie and Curt, whose wedding day is approaching fast!  The pair first met while taking out the garbage after Curt moved in across the street from Beckie.  Her first impression of him was that he was very handsome and easy to talk to.  Beckie told us they talked by the garbage can for 45 minutes and it felt like 5 minutes.  Curt made the first move and asked Beckie out on their first real date and they dates for 2 years before becoming engaged.  Beckie knew he was special and different from anyone else the moment she met him and knew he was the  one within a few weeks of knowing him. 

The couple moved in together after about a year and half of dating (which consisted of Beckie walking her stuff across the street :) ). Then less than two weeks later Curt was in a position where he needed to move back to Nebraska.  It was a touch decision but the pair did it together.  Fast forward after 9 months to Nebraska, Beckie and Curt realized Arizona is where they were meant to be.  Now after lots of packing and unpacking, the two are finally in a beautiful new home together in Arizona.  During those difficult months of figuring out where their life together should be, Beckie told Curt “I love you everywhere and always”. That has been their motto ever since

Beckie and Curt became engaged at The Montelucia. Curt decorated the couple's room with flowers and candles. He had their favorite songs playing. Then he took Beckie out to the balcony with a beautiful view at sunset and got on his knee finally asking Beckie to be his wife.  Beckie told us the engagement was a complete surprise and what meant the most to her was that Curt did all of the special things just for her to have the most amazing moment.

Photography: Still Life Studios