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Cassandra & Tom (engagement)

We are so looking forward to celebrating our J. Starr Couple, Tom & Cassandra! With their wedding day around the corner, we asked them to share their engagement story. 

Tom & Cassandra met at a mutual friend’s son’s third birthday party. Tom had come without his kids, and each of the friends hinted that they were both single and then introduced them to each other. They talked a lot that night and shared and In-and-Out chocolate/strawberry shake that Tom raved about, and Cassandra quickly fell in love with! Tom’s first impression of Cassandra was how B-E-A-utiful she was, and smart too! Cassandra thought how cute Tom was, and wondered if he was single. She was surprised to hear he had children, a little nervous but quickly decided that it didn’t matter and wanted to get to know him.


The night they met, Tom walked Cassandra to her car after the party, (as she carried the books, bags and games she had brought to the party). He asked for her number. She waited anxiously all day for his message, doubting that he would even reach out. He eventually texted her and they had dinner the next night at Los Taquitos.


Tom & Cassandra dated for two years before he proposed. He knew she was the one shortly after meeting, and he knew if he didn’t snag her soon someone else would!  Cassandra knew Tom was the one when she met his family. His sisters each described to her how he seemed to have changed since meeting her, and how she was such a positive influence on not only him, but also his kids.


When Tom & Cassandra started their relationship, he was running his own business and she was completing her doctorate program. Tom stood by Cassandra’s side during her schooling, and they even endured a long-distance relationship during her internship in Tucson. Cassandra always made it a point to go out of her way to see Tom and his children.


Tom thought about how he could surprise Cassandra with a well thought out creative, romantic, and elaborate event but when he had her ring in his hand, he wasn’t patient enough to wait. Tom surprised Cassandra on their two-year anniversary when she came home from work. She came home to a freshly mowed lawn, 4-dozen roses, candles and a handwritten love note. After she read the note, she turned to him and he dropped on one knee and popped the question. She replied with “Totally!” and couldn’t let him go. The most meaningful part to Cassandra was that he included her parents! After she said yes, they came out of the bedroom to congratulate them and share dinner. It was very special to all of them!