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3 Stylizing Tips for Your Wedding Cake

Let’s dig right in.

Wedding cakes are expensive. They often rang in price from 6.00 per person upwards to 12.00 per person. A cake is not only a delicious treat after your meal, but also serves as an art piece for your wedding day. And, like any beautiful masterpiece, you wedding cake deserve to be showcased properly. Here are a few tips on how to make your wedding cake really stand out.

1. Elevate. It’s important that cake doesn’t get pushed into a dark corner. Ask ahead of time exactly where your cake is going to be displayed. Consider placing your cake up on a high top table, so it sits above your cake and guests tables.

2. Lighting. Consider adding a pin spot lighting to your cake. It’s a simple yet dramatic way to really highlight your cake.

3. Linens. You can really “dress up” your cake by adding some gorgeous specialty linens to your cake table. Just remember to choose linens that enhance your cake design, not work against it.