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Remember the BIG Picture

Hello sweet friends!

I really think taking some extra time to do nice things for your loved ones is so important. This is especially true for couples who are planning a Wedding, because Wedding Planning can be very stressful!

That is why it’s incredibly important to remember the BIG picture. Take a moment to let go of the rsvp list, let go of all the haunting incoming invoices to pay, let go of all the details and just be together. I highly recommend going a date and having a rule about “No Wedding Discussions.” Feeling stuck on ideas as of what to do…well, it’s a good thing I’m a sucker for sentiment…

~ Take if back to where it all began, and recreate your first date.

~ Write out top ten lists about why you love each other.

~ Have dinner at your Wedding Venue location (if possible). Just remember no “wedding talk!”

~ Create a dinner at home, get dressed up, enjoy over candlelight. 

~ Go for a drive, listen to music, make out like teenagers.

Whatever you do, just remember to savor these moments. Planning a wedding is a struggle for all couples, allow yourself some grace. These moments are just preparing you for your possible future child raising years (which is even more crazy! Wink Wink). Life if precious, enjoy these times.