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5 Top Questions Regarding the Rehearsal Dinner

Who Pays for the Rehearsal Dinner?

In a traditional wedding (one where the parents of the bride are paying for the wedding) it is still custom for the groom’s parents to pay for the rehearsal dinner. In a more modern wedding (where the couple getting married is paying for the wedding) it’s an option for either set of parents to pay for the rehearsal dinner or the couple themselves will pay for it.

Who is supposed to be invited to the Rehearsal Dinner?

Typically the entire bridal party (and their dates), immediate family and any extended family members (who have traveled in for the wedding) are invited to the Rehearsal Dinner. If you don’t invite the out of town family members to the rehearsal dinner, then it’s common to invite them to a post wedding brunch.

Do I have to invite the bridal party member’s dates to the Rehearsal Dinner?

Yes, in order for you bridal attendant to feel most comfortable, it is a nice gesture to invite their date to the Rehearsal Dinner also.


How formal does my dinner need to be?

It does not need to be formal at all! In fact, I encourage not making it formal as you don’t want it to compete too much with the wedding. Instead, consider doing a fun theme and play it up!
Western Night – BBQ
Italian Night – Mobsters
Mexican Food – Fiesta

When does the Rehearsal Dinner usually take place?

The Rehearsal Dinner takes place following the Rehearsal Ceremony. People often confuse this two different things.
The Rehearsal Ceremony= takes place at the church or venue that you will be getting married at.
The Rehearsal Dinner = is following the Rehearsal Ceremony, typically being held at restaurant or private residence.