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The Story of Katie & Miles

First Impressions 

Upon their early days of dating, Katie had talked up her amazing dog~ Jake to Miles, *certain* that Miles would LOVE him.When Katie brought her beloved doggie Jake, over to Mile's condo to meet for the first time....Jake strategically left his MARK in in Mile's condo, all over the perfect white carpet!

Katie said her Jake had *never* done anything like that before. Thankfully though, Miles & Jake have worked it out and our now friends.

How They Met?

After looking for love in all the wrong places, Katie was dared by her friends to try Tinder, where she met Miles. He asked her out, but let her pick where they would meet. She decided on Four Peaks Brewery, and her first impression of him was how cute he is. (He shared the same thought!) They clicked right away, knowing they were both looking for a serious relationship. 

Katie and Miles dated for 2 years before their engagement. Miles booked a room at the L'Auburge Resort, where he proposed at Serenity Point. Katie had no idea what Miles was planning- they had been to Sedona many times, and he told her she didn't need to pack anything fancy. Miles had gone to ask Katie's parents while she was at work before they left for the weekend. After the proposal, Katie Face-timed her parents and they were waiting by the phone in anticipation. They were over the moon! 


And today, November 2nd, 2018 these two will marry, and we couldn't be more honored to share in this most special day with them! 

Photography by: Birdsong Photography