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Choosing Music for Your Wedding Day

Choosing the music for your Wedding Day isn’t something that you can do in one setting. Especially if you desire to create a soundtrack for your most special day that is meaningful to you as a couple. This should be a fun part of the planning process, not a stressful part. Here a few tips….

1.) Start Early. Keep a list on your phone or a small notebook with you at all times. As you naturally hear songs that you love, write them down.

2.) Take a trip down memory lane. Often times some of our most favorite songs aren’t necessarily current ones. Explore songs from the past, experiment with your Pandora or Spotify stations, and take notes.

3.) Ask your DJ. Often times, DJs have software planning systems that contain a full list of tons and tons of songs. This makes it super easy for you to go through and flag songs that you like and love. This is also great for flagging songs that you do not want played. Perhaps there are songs from past relationships that you want to add to do the “do not play” list, or simply songs that just don’t fit your style or that you really don’t like.

Most importantly, choose music that speaks to you, your style, and your story. Music is such an important part of personalizing your day. Don’t wait until the very end to make your song choices, start in the beginning and have fun with the process.


Photography: LIV Photography | Venue: Wild Horse Pass