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7 Ways to Save on Venue Decor

1.) Book a venue that you naturally absolutely LOVE. Before the linens, chair covers, flowers, etc. Make sure you love the grounds of the venue. Is it clean? Is the landscape well manicured? Does it speak to you? Is it your style? Do you simply enjoy strolling the grounds? Do you want to dine there for dinner? If you answered YES, then guess what? You don’t necessary need to spend tons of money on additional décor. Don’t work against the venue; let the venue you’ve already selected for your venue be the overall look and foundation for your Wedding Day. Choose a color palette that is a naturally enhancement to the venue, chose centerpieces that work with the room.

2.) White lights hung outdoors and candles spilling everywhere else can do wonders to any space, and they are very cost effective.

3.) Don’t go over the top on all your centerpieces. Remember…less is truly more. If you do tall over the top floral on some tables, do smaller low centers (or non floral centers, such as candles) on the other tables.

4.) Repurpose your flower. After the Ceremony has concluded and all of your guests have been transitioned over to the cocktail hour, have your Ceremony Floral moved into your reception. Your guests will never know the difference, as they will not be returning to the ceremony space again. Just be sure whoever moves your floral pieces (be it your Wedding Planner or Florist) be very discreet when moving the pieces…meaning use back entry doors to the ballroom/reception room so that they don’t walk thru the guests.

5.) Personalize. Remember as beautiful as the Wedding Day may be….what guests usually remember most are the moments/elements that were personalized. Use your story to guide you. Include memories, photos, and your favorite quotes into special areas of your Wedding.

6.) Ask your professional vendors for their advice. Don’t be shy; vendors know firsthand how expensive weddings are. Ask them what they would do to keep things looking beautiful yet cost effective.

7.) Under exactly what the venue already includes. Know what kind of house linens they offer, napkins, etc. Do they offer any centerpiece options? Even if you don’t utilize them for the Reception, perhaps you can use some of their glassware for the Cocktail Hour, every little bit helps.

Be encouraged, sweet friends. You don’t have to have a million dollar budget to have a gorgeous wedding, I promise. Be smart, be resourceful, and most importantly be creative. Your wedding will be beautiful and special, because it’s yours