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6 Tips for Turning Your Grind into Accomplished Goals



 Hi Friends!

How's it going?  Today I thought I would share some insight into turning goals into reality.  I'm no expert in this area, but I'm definitely a big believer in setting yourself up for a life that you love, because you DESERVE it.  Often times, I think we all get caught up in the hamster wheel of the daily grind....running, running, running but not necessarily feeling like we're actually going anywhere.  I've  been caught in this hamster wheel myself at times, but today I thought I would share ways that I fight through the daily whirlwinds to actually make some stuff happen.
The best news, it's not too late.  Honestly, I think the whole "New Years Resolution" sets people up for failure.  I mean think about it....right after you come off of the holiday extravaganza you're suppose to start off the new year on day one having goals set?  I just don't think this is realistic.  In fact, I have taken this entire month to set my goals and schedule them into my calendar. (more on that in just a few.)



1.) Set Goals
Sounds easy right?  But yet only a few amount of people actually do this.  By setting goals your have to take some serious time and write them down.  They must be specific and measurable goals with a deadline. 
2.) Be Vulnerable
Share your goals with someone.  Depending on what your goals are...this could be a fitness expert, a business coach, your spouse, or even a friend.  It's okay to have big goals and it's okay to say them out loud.  Because guess what?  It's so encouraging to be able to have some support along the way. 
3.) Make Them Visible
Post them in a place where you see them often...your planner, your desktop screen saver, your wallet , print them out and tape them to your bathroom mirror ~whatever works best for you. 
4.) Be Gentle with Yourself
Don't expect perfection and certainly don't give up if you fall off step a bit.  Life happens.  People get sick, relatives come into town, pop up meetings occur....give yourself a little grace and little blank space once in awhile to recollect yourself. 
5.) Schedule Them
This makes all the difference in the world.  Once you've set your goals, then you have to break them down into action steps and schedule them.  Blocking time in your schedule for each goal, makes them a priority in your life and at the same time visually shows you that yes, you do actually have time to work on your goals. 
6.) Celebrate Your Successes
When you accomplish something, celebrate! Tell someone, treat yourself to a massage, go on a vacation, do anything.  Life is hard and hitting goals you set for yourself is a BIG deal!  People want to celebrate YOU in your happy moments!

Make It Happen/Intentional Goal Planner:
This has become an incredible tool in my life lately.  I've always been a goal setter but I've never "dug in" so deeply before.  The mind blowing thing that happened to me was, after working through the initial goals actually changed a little.  They definitely become more clear in some areas.  Honestly I was hesitant to purchase the "2017 Make it Happen /Intentional Goal Planner" at first, but so far it's been making a big difference in positive ways. 
*Here is a link to some free downloads to give you an idea of what using the powersheets are like
Marie Forleo's Video on Goal Setting
This video was impactful for me.  There are the people who don't set goals at all, and then there are people that set way too many goals (that's me!) I loved how this video suggests pruning down your goals...I needed to hear this in a BIG way.  If you're not use to Marie's quirky style...give it a minute, you'll be inspired. 

The Day Designer
This was a Christmas gift that I bought myself.  I've always been a pencil/paper kind of girl when it comes to "planning."I spend way too much time at the computer already, so I really prefer to keep my planner as a physical product.  I love being about to map things out, erase things and I especially love crossing things off.  Using this, paired with the Make it Happen /Intentional Goal Planner, has definitely been my jam lately and I'm loving it. 

Emily Ley Free Printable Library
I also use these worksheets quite often as well.  I print out  the weekly calendar each week to list out our family schedule and tape it to the kitchen cupboard.  This is a great way to quickly reference life.  It may be a little redundant but it works for us.  This is the calendar that Justin (my husband) looks at.  I use this same planner for meal planning.  I use the monthly calendar when paying bills. 
Bottom line, you just have to find what works best for you, and do it!  I hope this information was helpful for you in some way. 


Maybe in the coming weeks, I'll share with you the nine recent goals that I'm currently working on...stay tuned.



I'm cheering for you over here,  
Jennifer Starr,  J.Starr Stylized Weddings