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5 Tips On Finding Motivation, When You're Lacking Energy

Hi Friends, 

How's everyone doing?  Welp, here I am...determined to someway, somehow get back to blogging on the regular.  I've missed it.  This year has certainly been a wild one but definitely an amazing ride.  And guess what?  Everyone in my home is napping right now....shhh.  (don't jinx it!).  And guess what else?  It's September!  This is especially exciting if you live in Arizona, like myself...because this summer has been a HOT one.  And having to keep three teeny tiny ones primary inside is NUTS.  So cheers to better weather ahead, YES.   

Today I thought I'd share a few ways that have helped me, especially recently in the past few months.  Adjusting to adding a new baby to mix, while running a business and household has been an adventure thus far...but I think my biggest struggle has been the sleep deprivation.  At times I get frustrated with myself and with life...and ask myself how I am going do everything I want to do?  And that's the time when I usually do the following things: 

1.) Brain Dump.
Don't worry about making it pretty, or keeping your thoughts organized...just get them out of your head and on paper.  This helps immensely and takes the stress away from trying to remember everything. 
2.) Turn the Music Up.
Blare it.  In the car, in the kitchen, in the shower.  I find some of my best ideas in the middle of songs.

3.) Shake Up Your Space.
Rearrange your desk area, buy a new piece of art for your wall, treat yourself to a fresh floral arrangement to sit in the middle of your dining room.  Finding new appreciation for places that you see on the daily, definitely helps. 

4.) Move It.
Exercise, even if it's a simple as walking.  Those endorphins are real things and can be instant mood boosters.  Did you know that there a few indoor walking tracks in Arizona?  Yes, they do exist. 

5.) Listen. 
I have a list of 8 people that hangs on my wall next to my computer.  These are people who inspire me for different business owners, as wedding planners, as moms, as writers, and in the health/fitness industries.  All of these people have blogs, webinars, and books.  When I need feel some extra inspiration I turn to my list and find myself listening to one of their videos.  Sometimes just listening to another human share their struggles and successes can be very inspiring. 

P.S. How cute is the little boy?

And there ya go peeps, I hope you were able to find something helpful above.  My goal is to continue blogging twice a week moving forward on Wednesdays and Fridays ~so hold me to it :) 

Chat Again Soon!

Much Love,
Jennifer StarrJ.Starr Stylized Weddings