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Choosing Wedding Vendors

Happy Friday Lovlies!
After the date is set, the venue is selected, your wedding “foundation” is laid… it’s time to choose wedding vendors.  Start with the core vendors, the vendors you must have.
1.) Photographer
2.) Caterer (if the venue does not provide on-site catering)
3.) Entertainment
4.) Florist

Before choosing wedding vendors be sure to consult with your wedding planner. Wedding planners usually have preferred vendor lists of creative professionals they’ve worked with in the past who provide incredible talent and great service to their couples.  When researching each potential vendor, review their online portfolio, reviews and overall online presence… do you like what you see? Do they seem like people that would take great care of you on one of the most expensive days of your life?  Because they certainly should!
After narrowing down the vendors who’s work you admire most, then review pricing. Do not look at pricing first.  Often times couples will allow pricing to interfere with their first impression and by doing so will overlook the vendors personality, style and reviews.  Next, consult with a planner on your wedding budget and the cost of each vendor.  Your planner will educate you on which vendor you should allow more money for depending on your overall wedding day vision.

Your next step will be to meet with your vendors.  When you book my full service collection, I actually attend your meetings with your “core” vendors.  Meeting your vendors face to face is incredibly important.  It’s a chance to get to know their personalities, potentially see their work “in person,” listen to their stories, advice and ideas.

Lastly and most importantly, go with your gut. How did the vendors make your feel?  Did you feel special?  Did you feel welcomed?  Do you feel like you trust these people?  Did this vendor make you feel comfortable?  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked to couples who booked vendors that didn’t make them feel these things.  Instead they simply booked them because they were inexpensive, or their friend used them, or the vendor was pushy and you felt obligated to book after meeting with them.

Let’s Recap:
1.) Review Wedding Planner’s Preferred Vendor List
2.) Review Each Companies’ Online Presence (Portfolio, Reviews, Personality)
3.) Review Pricing with Wedding Planner
4.) Meet in Person
5.) Go With Your Gut

I’ll say it again… go with your gut.  These people will be in your lives for a long time during the planning process, they need to make your wedding wlanning experience easier, not more difficult.  You only get to throw one wedding day and it’s the most expensive celebration you will ever host… you deserve to have a vendor team who genuinely cares about your wedding day as much as you do.

Until next time,
Jennifer Starr, J. Starr Stylized Weddings