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"After The Engagement"

Getting Engaged is incredibly exciting....but often times can be followed up by much stress and feeling completely overwhelmed.  Today I thought I would share some tips on how to enjoy this time period...specifically the time period between after the engagement and before you book your venue.

1.) Celebrate!  Celebrate your engagement. This is a milestone within itself.  This is important.  Savor this time.  Tell your family and friends.  People love hearing good news, especially in person or over the phone if possible. 

2.) Journal about the Proposal....write down how it happened, what words were said, how you felt, where it took place, what you were wearing...All the details, the funny ones, embarrassing ones, even the "non fairytale like" details...Write about it.  It's life, it's real, it's your story, and it will grow more precious with time.

3.) Announce Your Engagement/Share your Photos.... of the proposal, the ring, anything that contributes to your story.

4.)  Don't Answer Questions....unless they are about the Proposal.  It's normal that you will start getting bombarded with questions (typically by the most random people) when's the date?are we invited? do I have to dress up? you need to let me know the date right away so I can plan ahead! what are your colors?are you going to have a hosted bar? 

5.) Get Your Ring Sized (and Insured)...if needed.  And yes, often times this means you have to part with your brand new sparkly ring for a few days, it's a bummer...but better than it slipping off your finger and losing it permanently.

6.) Ignore the Opinions... It's often at this time that people want to share with you everything that's ever gone wrong at a wedding they've attended.....It's often for them to start telling you what and what not to do. Laugh it off.

7.) Day Dream....Yes, its perfectly fine to buy some bridal magazines, peruse Pinterest, have fun.  This time period is meant to be fun...the hard part comes later...enjoy right now.  Don't succumb to the pressure, there's plenty of time for all the decisions to made soon.

8.) Meet with a Wedding Planner...Most Planners offer a complimentary consultation (myself included) This is a crucial time to meet with a planner as they can begin to direct you.  BIG decisions are ahead of you....establishing a budget, creating a vision, and knowing how many guests you anticipate inviting are key elements that must be discussed before booking your venue.  Booking a professional can save you money, time, and your sanity. 

If at all humanly possible don't try to start planning the wedding the same week you get engaged...give yourself some to time to let everything soak it.  You have big life changes ahead of you....celebrate the beginning stages.