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"How to Enjoy Your Wedding Day"

1.) Remove the Word "Perfect" from Your Vocabulary...."I want my Wedding Day to be Perfect"... There will be something that doesn't go perfectly on your wedding day, regardless of how perfectly it's planned. Know this ahead of time, and when it happens, embrace it.  The little hiccups are what makes your story....your story. 
~Your sister is running late....

~Your neighbors brought their KIDS, even though the invite was clearly addressed to Mr. and Mrs
~Your bridesmaid's hair style looks hideous

 When you're mixing over one hundred humans together on a day that is deemed to be "perfect" your setting yourself up for prepared for the unexpected, when it happens laugh it off and go on with your fabulous day.

2.) EAT.  It’s easy not to feel like eating when your stomach is full of butterflies…but you must EAT.  Eat breakfast, lunch, dinner…and PLEASE make sure you get to enjoy a slice of your heavenly Wedding Cake! 
3.)  Make Sure Your Timeline for the Day is Realistically Timed.  This is one of the MOST important jobs of a Wedding Planner & Vendor Team is ensuring that the Bride & Groom's Wedding is set up for success by incorporating all the important aspects into a detailed timeline.

4.)  Put the Phone Away...For the exception of a few getting ready "selfies" put the phone away!  Change your outgoing voicemail to list your Wedding Planners phone number....and surrender.  At this point all your planning is DONE.  The last thing you need is pokey relatives calling you the day of the wedding asking you directions to the venue. 

5.)  Take a Moment to Take it All In.... Before walking down the aisle....Your Wedding Planner should take a moment to slip you into the Venue to see all of your stunning details come to life.