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The Salt River & The Starrs

I have so much fun stuff to catch up on.....

{My Favorite Shot....It doesn't look like it but Justin and I were standing right next to them ready to jump if they started to move they were on a was terrifying, I thought for sure I'd end up in the lake....but how precious did it turn out??}

Let's rewind a bit shall we?  I believe it was around the second week of November...we were able coordinate my schedule with Justin's schedule with Matt's schedule {our dear friend and owner of Still Life Studios}....We've been doing a "family session for a few years now, before the kiddos....but this was our first time doing this as parents..

{Hannah's FACE!}

{Oh Emma}

Things we did right:
~Took them in early November... that allowed much more time for editing, ordering our Christmas cards, and getting them sent out
~Asked Matt to take them...years previously we would try and do this ourselves using Justin's self timer or remote....super difficult...lemme tell ya.

{Chewing on Mommy's Bracelets...the only way we could think to keep them calm and not scared of the crazy photographer:}

~Chose a RAD location....several people has asked me if the back ground in the photos is REAL, umm...YES!  It's a really gorgeous location at the Salt River that Matt and the SLS Crew frequently shoot.
~Made sure everyone was fed ahead of time prior to the shoot...babies and husband
~I took a pair of flip flops to the shoot to switch out as we were walking {hiking} all over the place.

{Hannah LOVES Mommy's Jewelry}

Things we did wrong:
~Didn't allow ENOUGH TIME,  yes Matt had told us what time to pick him up to make sure we allowed plenty of the time for the shoot...and we ended up picking him about 45 minutes LATE.  This then forced us to RACE against the sun light....imagine us hiking up and down hills with all the camera gear, babies bags, and two little munchkins strapped to our sides.... I have to keep reminding myself that it takes MUCH MORE TIME than I ever seem to estimate to get four people dressed, fed, packed up and out the door.... 

{At this point in the evening I remember  getting panicked as I could hear animals close by}

But thankfully Matt is SUPER talented and was still able to pull of a great shoot, we were able to get some lovely shots for our Christmas card and for our new wall gallery in the living room.... Thanks Matt!  I'd also like to send a special out to Bridget Levi with Still Life Studios...who the custom designer of the Starr Cards this year, Thanks Bridgie!

Their little hair bows lasted the first five minutes, the little pink shoes didn't make it at all}

All in all it was totally worth all the effort...I'm so glad we did this.....don't underestimate the power of family photos...precious time slips away too quickly not to take them!