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Full Service Planning & Design: By Owner: Jennifer Starr

This is for today's very busy hard-working professional...with so much on your plate, you need an ally in the Wedding Planning process. You need a professional to take the lead, who will not only make your wedding look amazing, but also make it a stress-free journey. We will take on all the planning and designing for you during this process and help you create your vision for your most spectacular day! Leave the hard work to us, and enjoy being engaged.

Design + Foundational Planning: By Owner: Jennifer Starr
4,500 ~ Most Popular Collection~

It’s very common that we hear clients say they feel completely overwhelmed by the design process when it comes to their wedding. Well lucky for you this is what Jennifer Starr is truly known for. Jennifer’s strongest strength is being able pull your inner style out and help you create a breathtakingly beautiful wedding that is representative of you both ~ while saving you lots of precious time and money in the process. (This collection also includes Foundational Planning Services.)

Foundational Planning:
2,600 By Owner: Jennifer Starr
2,200 By J. Starr Lead Planner Associate

We believe, this is an absolute MUST for every couple wanting (and deserving) a successful and enjoyable Wedding Experience. We will guide you through your planning process, giving you our expert advice along the way, saving you endless amounts of stress, time, and money. This will be the most emotional (and expensive) day of your life- trust the professionals to take the reins and execute your vision. Our goal is for you, your fiancé, and your family to fully enjoy the Wedding Planning process and have the time and security to focus on the “big life” things that really matter.

Final Prep Coordination: 
1,600 By J. Starr Planner Associate

You might be more familiar with the common term “Day of Coordinator” but sweet friends…that’s not a real thing, honestly that would be like jumping in front of a moving train and just hoping not to get ran over. (ouch!) The “Final Prep” Collection begins 60 days prior to the wedding day. At that time, one of our talented J. Starr Planners will tie together all of your hard work and fine tune each and every detail to ensure that your day will run smoothly.  You've worked too hard not to enjoy your wedding day, it's time to let the experts step it.  


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