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Chris & Nina's Spectacular Wedding Day!

I just love this couple so much and had a wonderful time working with them on their most special day....the photos by Still Life Studios turned out so beautifully...
I'm almost at a loss for words....

Nina, the gorgeous bride is very close to me...and by nature a very easy going person, with an infectious laugh and genuine charm.  It was a wonderful experience for me to be able to be an "insider" on her most special day. 

Her Groom Chris, was lovingly called "The Bride" many times by Nina.  As he was very active in the planning process... it was a great way for me to get to know him better.  I personally LOVE it when the groom is active in the planning, maybe that's because my groom was active in the planning process.  It's really helpful, and the wedding day becomes a true collaboration of their blended personalities.

Their "first meeting" was on the beach....THE BEACH!!!  Knowing that it would be very difficult for the "J.Starr Design Team" to assemble floral on site {with it being a destination wedding} Nina opted for her bridesmaids to hold these darling pinwheels for their bouquets...all made by the talented bride herself!

She also handmade her bouquet, along with the corsages, and boutonnieres!

 All their lovely details came together so beautifully.....

 And most importantly...they had fun!

The Reception took place at this lovely restaurant venue that overlooked Dana Point, called Cannons.
The staff and Cannons was exceptional! Truly...they helped myself and my team so much with the set up details...maybe they felt sorry for "Preggo"... I was really impressed and appreciative!

They had chosen lanterns, lighted sticks, and pin wheels to be decor theme of their reception...and it turned out so lovely and so fitting for the venue!

 And Chris and Nina were no fools... they knew that had to fly in Still Life Studios to capture their day.  And they opted to book 2 photographers rather than one... and of course the photos prove what a great decision that was!

Just breathtaking!

And this last shot, showcases the view of the reception, it was a truly magical night.  I feel so honored to have had a part in this day, thank you Chris and Nina.  Much love to you both!!!
"So thankful for Jennifer Starr's amazing event management yesterday, even while pregnant and a guest at our wedding, and the unreal photography skills of her husband Justin and his cohort Matt Wheeler. You. Guys. Crushed. It. In every possible sense." Chris Cardinal, Groom