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Meet the J.Starr Weddings Team


Meet Jennifer ~ She's an Arizona Native who loves anything and everything about the creative process, a music lover, and completely addicted to being an entrepreneur.  She's truly obsessed with any reason to celebrate, even though cooking is one of her struggle area~ although she's improving. This is mostly because she's the wife of Justin and the mama to her four year old twins Hannah & Emma, and her one year old son Hunter.  Hunter's appetite is the size of football team, forcing this girl to get better in the kitchen.  Her favorite wedding moment is sneaking the couple into their reception room right before their wedding begins and allowing them to see a glimpse of their wedding day vision come to life.   Jennifer's been working collectively in the wedding industry for 12 years & started her company in February of 2011. 


Meet April ~ She's a transplant from Michigan who is a musical fanatic, TV  junkie and intense lover of Disneyland. She makes lists for almost everything she does, even though she's the only person who can read her handwriting. During football season, she never misses a Michigan game.  Her favorite wedding moment is right before the bride walks down the aisle.  She's married to the most incredible man and they have the sassiest little 2 year old...who 100% gets her sass from her mama. She's been working collectively in the wedding industry for 12 years & has been rockin J.Starr Weddings since 2016, and was even a J.Starr Bride herself!


Meet Melissa ~ She's a helpless romantic, married to her hot shot fire fighting husband and mom to two adorable boys and beloved kitty cats. A girly-girl country girl that can still hang with the boys that loves God, her family and friends. In her spare time you can find her watching one of her many favorite movies with a bowl of popcorn by her side or finding something to organize in her home. She loves a great margarita, believes chips and salsa should be served at every meal, and every night looks forward to her coffee the next morning. One day when she tires of this dream, she will be a Professional Latin Ballroom Dancer. Melissa has be rockin' J.Starr Weddings since 2011.


Meet Renata~ "This girl is on fire!" would be her favorite lyrics to sing at karaoke~ that is *if she could* sing ~so instead she'll just rock out in her car. She is a European transplant and has lived in several different states here in the USA. She loves traveling with her young son as he is her favorite travel buddy. Her favorite recent adventure included traveling to Thailand and visiting with the little tigers. If she's not jumping out of a plane, hiking, or lifting some weights she's pursuing her dream in the kitchen of participating on the Food Network's "Chopped" show. Renata has been working with Jennifer Starr since their earliest days in the Wedding Industry ~ a combination of 12 years. Renata loves the excitement and beauty of wedding days and especially loves all things design & floral related.


Meet: Christina ~ She's a newlywed, fur baby mama, Disney lover and Arizona native who loves the desert and all the unique features it brings. She loves traveling, daily adventures and cuddling up next to her new husband to watch documentaries. During the week Christina enjoys rock climbing at a local gym and trying new restaurants. Her favorite part of the wedding day is telling the couple " it's time" to head to the ceremony~ as each couple have such sweet emotions at that very moment. Christina has been loving working in the wedding industry for 6 years. She's been rockin J.Starr Weddings since 2016, and was even a J.Starr Bride herself!



Photography: Annie Randall Photography | Venue: Hyatt Regency Scottsdale | Rentals: Glamor & Woods | Hair & Make-Up: Linda Valenzuela | Coffee Truck: Gypsy Cup | Cinematography: Nate Ethington

{Featured Event} "Luxury Spa Infused Cocktail Party at the Sanctuary


Event Chair: Jennifer Starr, J.Starr Stylized Weddings
Venue Host: Sanctuary Resort

Thursday evening, I had the honor of serving as the Event Chair for the WIPA Cocktail Party.  Planning an event like this is so much fun for me because in a sense I get to play! I was able to create the concept, select my creative partner team, and bring my vision to life from start to finish.  This is like "Christmas Morning" to a Wedding Designer. 

When the WIPA committee told me this event would take place at the Sanctuary Resort I was thrilled.  Have you been to this property?  It is truly something special; the moment you step foot on this property, you instantly feel so relaxed.  The way that this venue is nestled in the mountains lends itself to some of the most spectacular desert views that I have ever seen. 

The concept I came up with was a "Luxury Spa Infused Cocktail Party."  In a sense, it's kind of an oxymoron.  I love, love, love taking ideas that are kind of opposite and pairing them together.  If you take a look back at some of my other design concepts you will see this tends to be a trend with me.  I knew two things for sure....this was a Cocktail Party (the first members only Cocktail Party that WIPA has ever hosted...which also encouraged 5 new Wedding Professionals to sign up!) and I needed to really incorporate the vibe of the property....thus "Luxury Spa Infused Cocktail Party" was born. 

The color scheme really served as the foundation for everything else.  I met with the talented Laurie Southwick of Southwick Linens to discuss options.  Laurie is truly a color expert and starting with the linens is incredibly important because it sets the foundation of everything else.  Laurie and I went back and fourth on many options.  We first looked at doing "traditional" spa like colors, but we both felt that they weren't fitting for a "cocktail party" that's why we moved to darker/cooler tones.  We finally decided on shades of pewter, grey, ivory, with a pop of sparkle. 


The next step was to select the furniture and rentals.  Again, because this wasn't a typical "sit down dinner" event, selecting the appropriate furniture pieces was crucial to giving this event the feel of a "cocktail party." I was so thrilled to partner with Glamour and Woods.  This company was founded by one of the valley's top interior designers and as you can see, their product line is quite exquisite. 

All the floral pieces were designed by Jan Dekker or Jan Dekker Designs.  I've had the joy of working with Jan on many beautiful weddings in the past.  She is a true artist and always goes the extra mile to make sure her creations are not only breathtaking but also appropriate and fitting to the overall design concept.  Jan met with the Glamour and Woods team ahead of time and selected vases and structures from their collection to pair with her floral. 

The outcome was stunning.  I just loved the sold hardwoods mixed with metal fine finishes, topped with flowing romantic floral pieces.  Jan's floral creations really brought a sense of softness and relaxation to the event setting.  The room was also set with several gorgeous vessel candles...really pulling in the feeling of a spa environment.

My most favorite design element was definitely the "Vase of Venus" provided by Rolando Espinoza of the Champagne Creative Group.  As guests first entered the room....their eyes were naturally directed to the front of the room where our live model was positioned up on top of a beautiful light up vase.  This over the top design piece really created a sense of relaxation yet glamour at the same time (yes! this makes me happy). 

And yes the photo to the right is yours truly...welcoming our guests and giving recognition to all my talented creative partners.  Bringing a group of "creatives" together to bring an experience to life is really a beautiful thing.  In fact, it's one of my most favorite things.


The Sanctuary provided a lovely spread of deliciousness...Seasonal Fruit Display, Summer Harvest Vegetable Basket, Domestic and International Cheeses with Artisan Breads, Melon Gazpacho, Seared Tuna on Cucumber Noodles, Chicken Satays, Bruschetta Bar, and Dessert Station.

I was thrilled to have Dave and Drea of Desert House Productions provide the music for the evening.  Desert House Productions is known for their upscale beats and bringing a modern edge into the event.

It was a truly a fantastic event.  The sights, the sounds, the smells...but mostly the people.  The room was filled with individuals who really appreciate an "experience." I received so many compliments that meant so much to me, because these guests aren't "normal" people.  This group of people are regulars at over the top weddings and events. 


Jennifer Newman of The Wellness Bar AZ provided an "Essential Oil Bar." Everyone was able to create their own custom bath salts to take home and enjoy.  Jennifer also provided all of the lovely paper details compliments of her business Envelope Envy.  It's always very important to communicate to your guests via delicate pretty signage. 

A Very Special Thank You to the Team of Creative Partners: (Left to Right/Front Row)  Jennifer Newman, Jan Dekker, (Me) Jennifer Starr, Rachel Soloman, Rolando Espinoza, Drea and Dave Strickler, (Back Row) Jennifer Dudones, Michael Dobbs, and Laurie Southwick. (Not pictured Taryn Pollock and Jeff Bills of Serendipity Cinema). 

A very special thank you to the Phoenix WIPA Board for asking and trusting me to Chair this special evening.  I'd also like to send a special thank you to Miss Emily Bollinger (My Intern) who spent many hours hammering this day out with me, rock star style.

P.S. There were many additional beautiful photos taken this evening, stay tuned I'll be sure and post the album to my facebook page very soon.

Luxury Spa Infused WIPA Cocktail Party Creative Partner Team:

Planner/Designer:  J.Starr Stylized Weddings
Venue: Sanctuary Resort Spa / Leah Digirolamo & Brittany Martenson
Photographer: Rachel Solomon Photography
Floral: Jan Dekker Designs
Furniture/Rentals: Glamour and Woods
DJ: Desert House Productions
Entertainment: Champagne Creative Group
Essential Oil Bar: The Wellness Bar, AZ
Cinematography: Serendipity Cinema
Paper Products: Envelope Envy
Specialty Linens: Southwick Linens
Draping: Event Rents
Hair and Make Up (on Me): Linda Valenzuela of Mia Cosmetics