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Questions I'm Frequently Asked

What does a wedding planner actually do?

A “Wedding Planner” is really a fancied up title for “Project Manager.” The movies have really down played what a Wedding Planner actually does. It’s a true misconception that Wedding Planners simply “show up” the day of the Wedding and everything magically falls into place. A Wedding Planner’s responsibilities often times start a year or more before the actual wedding day. A Wedding Planner’s role can vary depending on what “collection of services” the client has booked. My ideal client is someone who has booked me from the beginning. In this case I would start working with them shortly after they’ve become engaged. I would assist with overall design concept, budget, and guest list all before they’ve even select their venue. From that point on, I serve as their Project Manager throughout the process. I would manage and advise them on all their vendor contracts, meetings and assist with all of the thousands upon thousands of little decisions that need to be made along the way. Then, if I’ve done my job correctly and thoroughly, the day of the wedding should go incredibly smooth. And that is only because all of the hard work has happened prior to the Wedding Day.

Why did you decide to become a wedding planner?
I knew very early on that I had to be in the Event Industry….it’s been my passion since childhood. I’ve always been very drawn to events and the production of events. I think that’s really what life is all about…celebrating milestones and cherishing loved ones…and a Wedding is usually the biggest celebration that a person can have in life. It’s an honor and a true privilege for me to get to be a part of a couples most special union.


What are a few of the reasons why you love being a wedding planner?
I love seeing people happy. I love being able to see creative visions in mind come to life. Being a wedding planner is so incredibly rewarding professionally and personally for me.  Each experience I'm involved with always brings something new to my life and definitely enhances my world in some way. 

What are some of the key services that you offer your clients?
Experience. Wedding Planning & Event Management is really the only thing I know how to do, because it’s my biggest passion. I’ve been working in this industry since 2006, and I’ve learned a lot. My career started as a Catering Sales Manager at a Private Golf and Country Club. That was where I learned through...blood, sweat, tears, arguments with chefs in banquet kitchens, number crunching, and people pleasing…it was a very difficult job. In this business the only way to truly be confident as a Wedding Planner is to have lots of experience. I have many many stories, and I to this day continue to learn and apply through experience. My goal is always to make myself a better Planner through every Wedding I plan. With experience comes a lot. I have great knowledge of the Arizona Wedding Industry…I’ve toured and held events at numerous venues and have fantastic relationships with many wedding vendors.

Which of your personality strengths help you the most as a wedding planner?
Compassion and Creativity. I love people….and I love relationships. My greatest joy is really getting to know my clients and get a real understanding of their relationships as couples and as individuals. I love being able to help them express their personalities through their event design. When guests come to a wedding they need to be able to really see and experience this couple’s love for each other. I help them to showcase their story.

How would you answer a potential brides question if she were to ask you “why should I choose you as my wedding planner?”
A Wedding is mostly likely the most expensive day of your life. In addition to money you invest a lot of precious time. By hiring a planner, you’re hiring an expert. A Planner will save you massive amounts of time that you most likely do not have. Additionally, you’re hiring a trusted confident. Why in the world would you book all of these vendors and spend all of this money NOT to ensure that all of these pieces fit together?

What are the main advantages of having a wedding planner over a venue coordinator?
A venue coordinator/Catering Sales Manager is responsible for the VENUE. They have so many other responsibilities on their shoulders. They are required to sell, they often times have multiple bookings on property. Their number one goal is the Venue and ensuring that the venue is holding up to everything that has been promised to the client. They are not responsible for the vendors, for your family, for the bridal party, or your personal touches. I know this, because I was a Catering Manger for several years, I know how stressful and demanding that role can be. 

What’s your educational background? Are you a certified wedding planner? If yes, where did you earn this certification?

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Communication for Arizona State University and additionally I have additional certifications through Wedding Planner Associations. But bottom line, those credentials mean nothing in this business if you don’t have experience, my experience is my biggest offering to my clients.

How long have you been planning weddings? Are you part of a licensed business? How many weddings do you do on average per year?

I’ve been in the industry since 2006, and I’ve owned my own business since March of 2011. My business is licensed and insured. I am currently running my business in a boutique style…meaning that I only book up to a limited amount of Weddings per year. This allows me to really focus on my clients individual needs and also allows me to keep some weekends open to spend with my sweet little family. This also allows me to only take on clients whom  feel I’m a great fit for and they’re a great fit for me. Often times I work with clients for well over a year…I want to make sure the we are a good team for each other.