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Lovely Gainey Ranch Wedding Day

Today, I'm so thrilled to share with you the beautifully romantic wedding day of Beckie and Curt that took place back on October 5th  of 2018 at the lovely, Gainey Ranch Golf Club.

To Beckie and Curt, simply bringing their families together was most important for them.   They wanted their day to be fun and enjoyable for everyone including their four sons.  

Their picturesque ceremony took place among the stunning grounds of Gainey Ranch Golf Club. One of the most endearing parts was how Beckie's mother (being a professional floral designer) created such beautiful florals. 

The overall look of their wedding aesthetic was "classic with touches of modern black & white stripes." The day was filled with big smiles, personalized touches, and lots of laughter.  

Thank you so much to Becky & Curt.   I wish you a life filled with many more beautiful celebrations! 

Creative Partner Team

Venue: Gainey Ranch Golf Club | Photography: Still Life Studios | Officiant: Scott Morgan | Beauty (Hair): Erin Fink | Beauty (Make-Up): Channel Molleo | Planning: J.Starr Stylized Weddings | Entertainment: Juan Sandoval AZ Celebrity DJ

The Engagement of Liz and Joe

We are so thrilled to be sharing this amazing love story of J.Starr Couple Liz and Joe!  With their wedding fast approaching we wanted to give a glimpse at some of their beautiful engagement photos along with sharing a bit about this lovely couple ~

Liz and Joe met at work in June of 2010.  Their first impressions of each other (as told to us by Joe) were “Honestly the first thing I thought was can her jeans get any shorter on her calves and she was thinking who is this bald headed guy staring at me!”  Eventually the couple started talking at work the following November and Joe asked Liz to go to a Phoenix Suns vs Chicago Bulls basketball game. 

Liz and Joe casually dated for three years and then made it official in 2013!  They admit they don’t know the exact date of when it happened, but Joe was the first to say “I love you” (right as he was going into a knee surgery!).  Joe knew on the first date that he could see himself spending the rest of my life with Liz.  For Liz, she doesn't really identify a specific moment....because she knows now that the feeling she's had from the first moment they spent time together one-one-one that they were always meant to be together.

This couple got engaged on the beach in Rocky Point, Mexico on November 19, 2016.  The engagement was a total surprise!  Joe kept telling Liz that he could see himself proposing in the spring of 2017, just to give her a hard time (because Liz loves the holidays and a proposal would make it even more magical).   Joe even continued to tell Liz's friends that he'd probably propose in the spring, just to throw them all off!  What meant the most during the whole experience was that the holidays were Liz's favorite time of the year and that this was going to be the first time the couple were going back to Chicago to meet her family for Christmas.  Joe wanted to make it extra special for her.

Thank you for sharing your story with us Liz and Joe!  We can’t wait for your big day!

The Engagement of Tori and Connor

We are so excited to be sharing the engagement story of our amazing J.Starr Couple ~ Tori and Connor!  We are finalizing all the beautiful details for their big day (that is approaching fast!) but we wanted to take a moment to share a little bit more about this amazing couple and their sweet engagement.

Tori and Connor's love story began their junior year of high school in 2006 when they met in one of their classes.  Tori's first impression of her future husband was "OH, he's cute!! (literally, that simple!)".   After many years, Connor finally texted Tori on November 8, 2011 to be his girlfriend...conveniently while she was on her way to his house...but apparently he couldn't wait!

Tori and Connor dated a total of 6 years before the engagement and on their wedding day they will have been together for 7 years and 2 days exactly!  Tori tells us that she knew Connor was the one she wanted to marry the moment she first laid eyes on him; she just knew.  As with all relationships, it was not all rainbows and unicorns. Within their first 5 years of knowing each other, the couple experienced what could possibly be the most ups and downs ever.  However Tori and Connor believe those experiences molded them into the couple they are now and they couldn't be happier!

The engagement for this amazing couple occurred on Christmas Eve 2017 at their home.  Connor tried to make it a surprise but Tori claims she screwed it up for him.  She was headed back from dinner at her grandparents house on Christmas Eve and she generally texts Connor when she is on her way home, except for that one time of course!  When Tori arrived home and went inside, Connor was nowhere to be found.  Tori tells us she went on my merry way grabbing the bags of presents that she had left in the downstairs bathroom and then magically, Connor appears!  So, there he goes, gettin' down on one knee and proposing to Tori (not in the suit that he had planned to wear, but in Tori's least favorite of all time workout shirt of his) and all Tori remembers saying was, "Oh my gosh, YES!! But do we have to do this while I'm standing in the bathroom?!".  But in the end, the couple has a great story behind it all and will remember it forever!

Tori tells us that what matters most about finally getting married is the fact that they are finally here!  Tori has been dreaming of this since she first met him...he just needed the time to figure it out ;)

Thank you for sharing your story with us Tori! We are so excited for your special day! 

The Story of Katie & Miles

First Impressions 

Upon their early days of dating, Katie had talked up her amazing dog~ Jake to Miles, *certain* that Miles would LOVE him.When Katie brought her beloved doggie Jake, over to Mile's condo to meet for the first time....Jake strategically left his MARK in in Mile's condo, all over the perfect white carpet!

Katie said her Jake had *never* done anything like that before. Thankfully though, Miles & Jake have worked it out and our now friends.

How They Met?

After looking for love in all the wrong places, Katie was dared by her friends to try Tinder, where she met Miles. He asked her out, but let her pick where they would meet. She decided on Four Peaks Brewery, and her first impression of him was how cute he is. (He shared the same thought!) They clicked right away, knowing they were both looking for a serious relationship. 

Katie and Miles dated for 2 years before their engagement. Miles booked a room at the L'Auburge Resort, where he proposed at Serenity Point. Katie had no idea what Miles was planning- they had been to Sedona many times, and he told her she didn't need to pack anything fancy. Miles had gone to ask Katie's parents while she was at work before they left for the weekend. After the proposal, Katie Face-timed her parents and they were waiting by the phone in anticipation. They were over the moon! 


And today, November 2nd, 2018 these two will marry, and we couldn't be more honored to share in this most special day with them! 

Photography by: Birdsong Photography

Romantic Outdoor Wedding at the Four Seasons Scottsdale

Today, I'm so thrilled to share with you the beautifully romantic wedding day of Toni & Edward that took place back on March 31st of this year at the incredible, Four Season's Resort Scottsdale. 

Toni and Eddie put meaning into every detail of their wedding decisions.  They wanted their day to be a true reflection of who they are individually but also as couple.  Making sure that their guests felt extraordinarily special was important to them.  

Their picturesque ceremony took place among the stunning grounds of the Four Seasons.  One of the most endearing parts was how Toni's mother danced her down the aisle.  All of their special elements were built into their ceremony~fire, water and a ton of personality.  

The overall look of their wedding aesthetic was "classic with a twist." The day was filled with gold textures, clean linens, and lots of flowing greenery and wispy florals.  The dinner reception took place as the day turned to night with the most breath taking views of the Arizona desert below the delicately strung bistro lights.  

The night ended as all the guests danced the night away to the incredible sound of the "Lucky Devil's Band." 


Thank you so much to Toni and Eddie,  I wish you many more incredible days together, now as Husband and Wife.  

Venue: Four Season Resort Scottsdale at Troon North | Photography: Still Life Studios | Videography: Ethington Productions | Ceremony: Rev. Richard Rogers | Floral: Butterfly Petals | Entertainment: Lucky Devils Band | Bridal Fashion: Brilliant Bridal | Beauty: Linda Valenzula Salon | Planning: J. Starr Stylized Weddings

Cassandra & Tom (engagement)

We are so looking forward to celebrating our J. Starr Couple, Tom & Cassandra! With their wedding day around the corner, we asked them to share their engagement story. 

Tom & Cassandra met at a mutual friend’s son’s third birthday party. Tom had come without his kids, and each of the friends hinted that they were both single and then introduced them to each other. They talked a lot that night and shared and In-and-Out chocolate/strawberry shake that Tom raved about, and Cassandra quickly fell in love with! Tom’s first impression of Cassandra was how B-E-A-utiful she was, and smart too! Cassandra thought how cute Tom was, and wondered if he was single. She was surprised to hear he had children, a little nervous but quickly decided that it didn’t matter and wanted to get to know him.


The night they met, Tom walked Cassandra to her car after the party, (as she carried the books, bags and games she had brought to the party). He asked for her number. She waited anxiously all day for his message, doubting that he would even reach out. He eventually texted her and they had dinner the next night at Los Taquitos.


Tom & Cassandra dated for two years before he proposed. He knew she was the one shortly after meeting, and he knew if he didn’t snag her soon someone else would!  Cassandra knew Tom was the one when she met his family. His sisters each described to her how he seemed to have changed since meeting her, and how she was such a positive influence on not only him, but also his kids.


When Tom & Cassandra started their relationship, he was running his own business and she was completing her doctorate program. Tom stood by Cassandra’s side during her schooling, and they even endured a long-distance relationship during her internship in Tucson. Cassandra always made it a point to go out of her way to see Tom and his children.


Tom thought about how he could surprise Cassandra with a well thought out creative, romantic, and elaborate event but when he had her ring in his hand, he wasn’t patient enough to wait. Tom surprised Cassandra on their two-year anniversary when she came home from work. She came home to a freshly mowed lawn, 4-dozen roses, candles and a handwritten love note. After she read the note, she turned to him and he dropped on one knee and popped the question. She replied with “Totally!” and couldn’t let him go. The most meaningful part to Cassandra was that he included her parents! After she said yes, they came out of the bedroom to congratulate them and share dinner. It was very special to all of them!

The Engagement of Beckie & Curt

We are so excited to be sharing the engagement story of our amazing J.Starr Couple, Beckie and Curt, whose wedding day is approaching fast!  The pair first met while taking out the garbage after Curt moved in across the street from Beckie.  Her first impression of him was that he was very handsome and easy to talk to.  Beckie told us they talked by the garbage can for 45 minutes and it felt like 5 minutes.  Curt made the first move and asked Beckie out on their first real date and they dates for 2 years before becoming engaged.  Beckie knew he was special and different from anyone else the moment she met him and knew he was the  one within a few weeks of knowing him. 

The couple moved in together after about a year and half of dating (which consisted of Beckie walking her stuff across the street :) ). Then less than two weeks later Curt was in a position where he needed to move back to Nebraska.  It was a touch decision but the pair did it together.  Fast forward after 9 months to Nebraska, Beckie and Curt realized Arizona is where they were meant to be.  Now after lots of packing and unpacking, the two are finally in a beautiful new home together in Arizona.  During those difficult months of figuring out where their life together should be, Beckie told Curt “I love you everywhere and always”. That has been their motto ever since

Beckie and Curt became engaged at The Montelucia. Curt decorated the couple's room with flowers and candles. He had their favorite songs playing. Then he took Beckie out to the balcony with a beautiful view at sunset and got on his knee finally asking Beckie to be his wife.  Beckie told us the engagement was a complete surprise and what meant the most to her was that Curt did all of the special things just for her to have the most amazing moment.

Photography: Still Life Studios

Candlelit Intimacy at the JW Marriott Scottdale Camelback

Greetings All!
Today, I'm so happy to share with you the intimately stunning wedding day of Kory and Monjur that took place back on April 14th of this year at the majestic, JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort & Spa.


Kory, a serious minded beauty was completely relaxed and full of joy on her wedding day to Monjur. It was quite apparent, that when Monjur was around her, the weight of the world simply melted away. Monjur, always had a smile and was simply smitten by his beautiful bride and together they truly relished in an intimate celebration among family and friends.

Their sweet ceremony took place in a small garden right in the heart of the resort followed by a candlelit dinner inside the Private Dining Room of the award winning Rita's Kitchen.

The day was filled full of lush romantic florals in various shades of pink with touches of greenery and curly willow weaved in. The reception room completely took your breath away as you entered. The room was illuminated in endless candlelight in a variety of levels.
Kory and Monjur really soaked in their family and friends in this intimate setting enjoying exquisite cuisine followed by live outdoor music. It was truly a day filled with real moments and many laughs among loved ones.

Thank you so much to Kory and Monjur, I wish you many more celebrations . Thank you for allowing us to share in your day.

Bohemian Romance Found at the Royal Palms

Hello All!  Today, I'm absolutely thrilled to share with you the beautiful wedding day of Krista and Lorenzo that took place back on April 15th of this year at the effortlessly intimate and romantic, Royal Palms Resort.  

There's was no doubt that the moment I met Krista, I just knew she was meant to be my J.Starr Bride and I was meant to be her Wedding Planner.  Krista had meaning behind every part of her story, you can just tell this is how she lives her life~ and that was just so endearing to me.  And then I met Lorenzo, and he was just as charming as Krista had described.  These two were perfect together.  

One thing that really stood out to me was the authenticity that these two poured into their day.  They wanted their wedding day to truly be a reflection of who they are.  Krista wore her mama's wedding gown and flowers in her hair.  She looked so beautiful, but truly what shined was her happiness. Krista was all smiles the entire day, she was inspiring to watch.  And Lorenzo, he was so gracious to everyone throughout the day.  

From their displayed family moments, to the reception room filled with succulents~ again every item that was a part of their day held such special meaning to this couple.  My favorite part of the entire day was watching the first dance as Husband and Wife to John Legend's "Save Room."  All of their guests were standing up surrounding them in that moment and Krista & Lorenzo's genuine LOVE for each other and all their loved ones, was never more apparent.  


History was made on this day for such a lovely couple~and I was so completely honored to be a small part of it.  

Thank you so much Krista & Lorenzo, may your love story continue to be filled with authenticity and joy~ always.  

Venue: Royal Palms Resort and Spa | Photography: Griffith Imaging | Planning: J.Starr Stylized Weddings | Entertainment: Miguel de Maria | Officiant: Mike Kennedy | Hair & Make-Up: Pearl Espinoza | Stationary: Prisma Graphics | Entertainment (DJ): SKM Entertainment | Florals: The Wildflower AZ

A Royal Palms Wedding, Full of Romantic Ambiance

Hello All, I'm so excited to share this Royal Palms Resort Wedding with you today! This extraordinary day took place five months ago and viewing this photos is such a refreshing reminder of how beautiful this day truly was. 

There is no doubt that this wedding tugged at my heart a little more being that the beautiful bride Emmy, has a twin sister Jenny.  And being that I have twin daughters myself~ this was a special experience for me to able to witness that twin sister bond on a wedding day.  Seeing the happiness they had for each other was truly endearing and when Jenny the Maid of Honor delivered her speech she had me in tears. 

Emmy had impeccable taste.  She new wanted to keep her wedding day looking simple, refined and classic~ while adding in personal uniqueness of their style and personality.  She was incredible wise to make her design decisions based off the naturally beautiful existing ambiance of the Royal Palms property.   Additionally, she incorporated the Spanish wrought iron elements and added in touches of gold and loads of candlelight.  

Additionally, their dinner reception took place outdoors~ under the palms trees and hanging bistro lights.  The guests were able to watch the sun set over Camelback Mountain as they dined.  It was truly an exquisite experience.  Emmy shined throughout the entire day with her calm demeanor and classic beauty.  And Dwain just captured all of our hearts that day.  There's no doubt how much he loves his Bride and he let that be known as he toasted her the most heartfelt speech in front of all of their guests.

This day was nothing short of true dream.  And I was so completely honored to be a part of it.  


Thank you so much Emmy and Dwain, and congratulations on your recent move the Valley of the Sun.  What a beautiful way to continue your love story.  

Venue: Royal Palms Resort and Spa | Photography: Katrina Wallace Photographers | Planning: J.Starr Stylized Weddings | Florals: Avant Garde | DJ: Starz Entertainment | Guitarist: Miguel de Maria | Hair & Make-Up: Linda Valenzuela | Stationary: Freed Hands | Officiant: John Holton | Transportation: Ollie the Trolley

Classic Gainey Ranch Winter Wedding

Greetings All!  I'm so excited to share this beautiful Gainey Ranch Golf Club Wedding with you today! This lovely day took place on December 16th, 2017, closing out the year in a big way for Sarah and Jordan.  

One thing I knew for sure, right from the beginning, was that this wedding was truly going to be a family affair.  From the very first phone calls that came in to discuss wedding planning services~ first a phone call from Cindy ,the Mother of the Groom, then followed by a phone call from Berta, the Mother of the Bride.  My first in person meeting was with both sets of parents, while Sarah and Jordan were busy working.  I was so touched and amused by the true friendships between their parents. They were a wedding planning team~ that knew who to handle all the stressful wedding planning details and decisions through laughter.  

I actually didn't get to meet Sarah & Jordan until the tail end of the wedding planning process and I was impressed with their partnership and laid back approach to embracing the wedding day.  It was also apparent that they were a true team and were ready to make everything official.  

The wedding day took place at the always enchanting Gainey Ranch Golf Club.  The wedding day was filled with delightful touches of ivory and flowing greenery~ matching the natural elements of the setting so perfectly.  To bring in touches of winter and sophistication, a strong shade of navy was highlighted in both the gorgeous wardrobe and table linens.  But most importantly what stood out was the humorous tone not only among the parents and family but also the bridal party.  This group was very comfortable together and knew how to have fun.  

One of most memorable moments from this day was witnessing the reactions from Sarah's bridesmaid and family when she initially  walked out in her wedding dress for the first time. As a Wedding Planner, these moments are some of the heartfelt perks.  Shortly after, I helped Sarah down the elevator and led her to the spot where her handsome groom was awaiting her arrival for their "First Look."  There I witnessed their entire bridal party and immediate family members gathered at the windows in awe of watching this special moment.  There was so much joy and sweet tears shed by all that love Sarah and Jordan.  And this was just the beginning of their magical day. All that followed was truly spectacular~ from the personalized ceremony, to the confetti cannon grand entrance, followed by the surprise firework display.  This was wedding day to remember.  

Sarah, Jordan, Berta, Bill, Steve & Cindy~  thank you for allowing me to join your wedding planning process at the tail end.  I know that decision involved a great deal of trust.  Thank you for allowing my team  and me that honor.  What an amazing way to begin a marriage~ here a few of my favorite moments from your day! 

View Jordan and Sarah's Wedding Day Highlight Video: HERE
View My Candid/Personal "Behind the Scenes Clips" : HERE


Venue: Gainey Ranch Golf Club | Wedding Planning: Jennifer Starr | Beauty: Kensington Makeup | Cinema: J&P Media Group | Entertainment: Got You Covered | Florals: The Wildflower AZ | Photography: Robert Godridge Photography | Rentals & Décor: Tremaine Ranch

Romantic Seville Golf & Country Club Wedding

Oh, friends, I'm so excited to share this Seville Golf and Country Club Wedding with you today! It’s hard for me to believe that this wedding actually took place 4 months ago! I think time flies extra fast during Arizona's most beautiful months.

This wedding was especially endearing to me, as it was the first time I actually started imagining what it would be like to be the "Mother of the Bride" myself one day.  And the reason for that was because of how extraordinary the relationship was between Jessica (the Bride) and Terri (the Mother of the Bride.) So close that Jessica wore her mom's very own wedding dress (with a few modifications.) And when it was time for Jessica to have her dress bustled for the reception Terri had her very own Maid of Honor helping Jessica, along with Jessica's Maid of Honor. It was such a beautiful full circle meaningful moment to witness.

Additionally, Jessica and Bryan's (the Groom) families were so warm and fun. The entire day was filled with laughter, joy, and fun moments. And I think that was a largely because of Jessica and Bryan's relationship, it was quite obvious that they were very best friends, who truly treasured their time with their family, friends, and also each other.

The wedding day took place at the always romantic Seville Golf and Country Club. Every part of their day was filled with a personal touch of some kind and paired with gorgeous florals by Blume Events. But what stuck out to us most was the humor and sincerity of Jessica, Bryan, and everyone around them.

The second our team walked onto property, we were greeted with a huge hug and smile that made us feel like family. As a Wedding Planner, there is nothing you want more than for your clients to truly surrender all their thoughts about planning and details and enjoy and really savor the day.  In that moment, I knew, we had gained Terri and Jessica's trust and allowed them to step into their roles 100% ~as Bride and Mother of Bride and experience one of life's most beautiful days.


Jessica, Bryan and Terri, thank you for allowing us to be part of your family for the day. It was truly an honor, and we’re so excited for you to see a few of our many favorites moments!

View Bryan & Jessica's Wedding Day Highlight Video:  HERE 

View my personal "Behind the Scenes Clips" :  HERE 



Photography/Cinema : Steponme Photography | Planner: Jennifer Starr | Florals: Blume Events | DJ/Emcee: Matt Richardson | Officiant: Ryan Centers | Cake: Sue Jacobs Cakes | Linens: Southwick Linens | Venue: Seville Golf and Country Club



Beautiful Desert Wedding at Troon North Golf Club

Oh Kim and Billy, where do I even begin?  I struggle to write this blog post because it's my last check mark on their wedding file, which makes me kind of I don't want their wedding planning process to be over.

Because the truth is, Kim and Billy were really special to me.  They hired me to handle their planning along with all of their designing, so we got to spend a lot of time together, therefore Kim and I became really close.  And as much as my clients think I do for them, the truth is they do so much for me, especially Kim.

Let me rewind a bit.  The first time Kim called me to seek out wedding planning services we chatted for about an hour.  At the end of our call I told her I would be out of the office this coming week because "tomorrow I'm having a baby."  Kim gasped "what you're having a baby tomorrow and you let me keep you on the phone this long!"  I explained that talking to her about Wedding Planning was actually helping me to relax. 

The next time I spoke to Kim was a few weeks after having Hunter (my little boy) she officially booked my services.  It was truly a celebratory moment of reassurance for me. Because when you have a new baby there's this process you have to go through trying to "find" yourself a mama, as wife, as a women, and as a business owner.  Kim was the first "J.Starr Bride" I booked after having my third child.  In a way, as I look back it's almost as if she was more a gift to me than I was to her.  I needed to prove to myself that yes, I can still do this even after having my third baby.  And Kim's belief and trust in me was exactly the push I needed at that time in my life.  I couldn't have asked for a bigger client cheerleader than Kim. 


Now let's talk about Kim & Billy...

They've been together for nearly twenty years. Though they knew they wanted to marry a long time ago, life experiences with loved ones pushed back their plans.  First, Kim's son got engaged, and Billy wanted to wait to propose so that their engagement didn't overshadow Kim's son's wedding plans in anyway. (meanwhile, Billy already had the ring the entire time.)  Next, their beloved sister in-law last her long battle to cancer.   Billy again postponed the engagement as the family grieved.  Finally, after a very long courtship, these two lovely people married on April 28th, 2017.  It was finally time for them to allow people to pour the love back on then that they most certainly deserve. 


The most important thing to Kim and Billy was providing a nice wedding for all of their guests to enjoy.  The majority of their guests where flying in for this event and it was very important to Kim and Billy that all of their guests felt comfortable .  With that they provided a Welcome Reception at The Inn at Eagle Mountain, the Wedding Ceremony and Reception at Troon North Golf Club, and a day after Wedding Brunch titled "Brunch, Bocce & Bags" at the El Chorro Lodge. 


The second most important thing was the "look" of the wedding feel natural to Arizona's desert beauty.  Alas we came up with the concept "Desert Elegance." The ballroom of Troon North Golf Club has some stunning views and it was necessary to really let all the natural beauty shine through.  Our entire color palette was based off the belt embellishment on Kim's wedding dress, containing jewel tones and then we complimented them with soft, muted, desert tones.   

The outcome of the day turned out absolutely beautiful.  But honestly, the true beauty came from Kim and Billy.  They are truly two of the kindest, most giving, incredible people.  They make everyone around them feel important and special.  It was truly an honor to be a part of their wedding and it was an experience that will forever remain special to me.   


Photography: Jacqueline Hanna Photography | Venue: Troon North Golf Club | Florist: Wild Child | Invitation: Idieh Designs | Music: Sarah Vanell | Cake: Ruze Cake House | Hair & Make-Up: Vidogi Salon | DJ: Rose Bud Entertainment | Groom & Groomsmen Suits: Celebrity Tux & Tails | Bridesmaid Gowns: Suzanne's Bridal Boutique | Wedding Planner: J. Starr Stylized Weddings

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Long

This past winter I had the joy of working with Steven and Lora on their gorgeous wedding.  They choose the incredibly romantic Royal Palms Resort to serve as their wedding location.  I worded mostly with Emilla (the Mother of the Bride) she was so funny and had great taste and I could have listened to her accent lovely accent all day. 

Lora and Steven also had amazing style and true admiration for each other.  One of my favorite memories of that day was getting a glimpse of the slideshow that Steven had made to surprise Lora.  When Lora entered her Bridal Suite guestroom that day, Steven had a slideshow pre staged on her television along with a card. I especially appreciate Steven's sweet gesture as I think he chose the perfect time to have this presented to Lora.  You see, as a Bride the morning and afternoons are filled with so much hustle and bustle as nerves and emotions are high.  But once Lora was onsite at the gorgeous property and she able to relax for a moment in her room, that's when she was presented with the thoughtful gift from her groom, absolutely perfect. 

I also admired how Steven and Lora wanted to take a moment to themselves before joining their cocktail to simple relax and be together for a few moments.  They both just seemed so in tune with the moments that really matter, I really admired that about them.  Visiting all of their guests at their tables during dinner was also very important to this couple, they wanted their guests to feel welcome and appreciated. 

The reception was like a dream, complete with floral chandeliers,  beautiful linens and endless candlelight.  Steven and Lora's Wedding Day was beautiful and meaningful, my most favorite combination.  Congratulations again Steven & Lora, I hope you are enjoying your first year as Newlyweds. 


VIEW: Video Highlight


Photography: Katrina Wallace Photographers  | Venue: Royal Palms Resort | Florist: Avant-Garde Floral Design Studio |  Cinema: Serendipty | Entertainment: Got You Covered | Officiant: Matt Nathanson |  Wedding Planner: Jennifer Starr & Team

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Gagliano

Christina and Anthony began their romance while in college.  They went to high school together but never dated and reconnected on Facebook.  Anthony "liked" one of Christina's photos and soon after they began chatting regularly.

In high school, Christina said her first impression of Anthony was that he was quiet but was the popular guy in every single sport. Later, she saw him as handsome guy that she wanted to know more about so she dropped by his work (Papa Johns) for a few minutes to see how cute in person he still was!

Christina and Anthony started officially dating when he asked Christina for her number on Facebook.  She responded with it and said "I don't play games" so he texted her right after that.  Anthony asked her to be his girlfriend when they were outside his house one evening. He had an upcoming family get together and asked if he could introduce Christina as his girlfriend.  And of course she said yes!

During their dating relationship, the pair spent everyday with each other!  Right around the time they started dating, Christina's childhood friend, Lakota (a guy), came to live with her for a year. Anthony was skeptical at first due to the fact that his girlfriend had a boy living with her and her family but thankful, Lakota and Anthony became best friends instantly. Christina and Anthony eventually moved to Arizona together after just over a year of dating and continued their relationship for three and a half years.

Christina knew Anthony was "the one" about two weeks in when she remembered thinking "there's something different about this one" and had a feeling she was going to marry him one day.  

The couple's engagement took place at a beautiful castle in Germany.  One month before they went on the trip, Christina asked Anthony when he was thinking about taking the next step with her.  She wanted to be sure they were on the same page.  He said he wanted to wait two years so he could finish paying off his car and a few other items before buying a ring.  Christina understood but told her family and friends that she had to wait another two years.  Little did she know, Anthony had already finished paying off his car and had had the ring custom created.

On the trip to Germany (for Anthony's family vacation), the couple went to tour a castle. While they were taking photos on a bench in a courtyard, Anthony turned to Christina and said "I love you" with a smile on his face.  She replied "I love you too." He said "do you love me a lot?" and she jokingly said "I love you a little." He smirked and said "would you love me more if I told you two years would come sooner?" Confused, Christina replied "no?" He replied "would you love me more if I told you two years would come today?" Still confused she answered "I wouldn't believe you." Anthony then turned and said "would you believe me if I pulled the ring out of my pocket?" At this time Christina was in shock and exclaimed "no!" He reached into his pocket and pulled out a little black box. He stepped off the bench onto one knee and while opening the box asked "will you marry me?" She said yes! They hugged and kissed for a minute and then Christina realized that Anthony's mom and step dad had got the whole thing on camera.  They have some amazing photos of this moment!

Christina said that the most special thing about the engagement was that Anthony wanted to spend his life with her. Out of all the people in this world somehow they had found each other and he picked Christina to be his wife. 

Christina then began planning her special day.  Being that she is in the wedding industry herself, she had seen a lot of trends.  She still went on Pinterest (a lot!) to find what they really loved. The couple knew they wanted it to be outdoors with bistro lights for that romantic starry look. They chose their special day due to the fact that it had the best ratings for good weather. Their "theme" was Fun-Romance and they planned their colors to be Marsala, blush, champagne, gold and ivory.  They had Italian stations for dinner and the couple is still getting compliments on how great it was! Christina and Anthony also chose to have a DJ and MC and then, as a surprise, had two T-Rex's come out on the dance floor during the reception! They also had lawn games such as giant Connect Four and giant Jenga along with corn hole and a ring toss. 

For the couple, the moment that stood out to them the most about their wedding day was the vows! Christina and Anthony read their own vows out loud. They both had a line in their own that was similar to the other's.  When looking back 50 years from now on their wedding day, Christina cherishes the memory of an amazing day with her husband and the special dance with her dads.  She also wishes to remember seeing all of the couples on the dance floor swaying to slow songs and being surrounded by such love.

In their next chapter in life, Christina is most looking forward to traveling for three upcoming weddings in the next year (St Augustine, Orlando and Columbia) and then the couple's own honeymoon in Hawaii.  They also hope to buy a home soon! At the end of it all, Christina said her favorite part of the day is crawling into bed, turning on the TV and cuddling with her HUSBAND.

Photographer (images as shown above): Steph Wahlig Photography | Photographer: Lennon Photography | Venue: Seville Golf and Country Club | Florist: Designs by Jen Colvin  | Beauty: Courtney Ness | Wedding Cake: Crumbs Cake Boutique | Cinema: Amoroma Productions | Photobooth: SnapBooth | Entertainment: Got You Covered | Lighting: Arizona UpLighting | Games: Curtis Whipple | Dress: Stella York via Bella Lily BridalGroom/Groomsmen Attire: Mr. Formal | Officiant: Uncle Bret | Rentals & Décor: Material Girls | Rentals & Décor: Native Events | Wedding Planner: Jennifer Starr & Team

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Davies

For Megan & Zach it all started shortly after high school, when they both attended a friend's graduation party.  Zach, being the smart guy he is, made the first move by asking a friend for Megan's number.  It didn't take long for them both to realize that marriage was in their future.  After a couple months in, they knew that what they had was extremely special. 

Zach and Megan dated for five years before getting engaged.  What really sealed the deal for them was being thrown into a long distance relationship and becoming even stronger because of it. Zach's baseball career was taking off and Megan was completing her studies at Arizona State University.  Although there were many trials of being in a long distance relationship, this only strengthened them all the more.  Megan was committed to being Zach's biggest fan and enduring the travels and joys of being immersed in the baseball world. 

Zach proposed in Seattle, Washington.  There, he took Megan to Alki Beach during the sunset.  Zach, had cleverly arranged to have Megan "FaceTime" with her best friend.  Her best friend had dressed Megan & Zach's dog's up, and even had a sign behind them that said “Will You Marry Me?”  This, was a surprise to Megan.  Though she had an idea that Zach could be proposing soon, she had no idea when. Zach's proposal meant so much to her because he involved their beloved dogs; Zooey and Penelope.  Megan herself is a huge animal lover and their dogs are considered their children, so having them a part of the engagement was very special to her. 

Megan and Zach chose El Chorro in Paradise Valley for their wedding location. The moment they stepped foot onto the property they both knew they wanted to get married there.  Their wedding date of December 3rd, 2016 was chosen because it was "off season" for baseball.  Megan tends to "freeze" quite easily and was concerned about it being too cold, but as it turned out they were delivered a gorgeous 70 degree wedding day.

Megan really wanted her overall look for the wedding to compliment their chosen venue.  They chose El Chorro because of it's incredible desert landscape and view of Camelback Mountain.  Her main focus when planning the design elements was to make sure that they weren't drawing their guests attention away from the natural beauty of the venue but still giving it that extra touch for a more romantic feel. 

Looking back on the wedding day now, Megan and Zach both agree that their most special day was genuinely perfect and felt like a dream, the best dream you could possibly ever imagine.  They had many out of town guests that flew in for their wedding day.  Zach and Megan say that "knowing that so many people from all over the country came to be there for our wedding day was very special for the both of us."

The newlyweds are now most excited about "being together, especially during his baseball season ~ no more long distance!"








Photographer: Daniel Kim | Venue: El Chorro | Florist: Sarah's Garden | Hair: Ashley Petty Hair | Make Up: Amanda Bland | Wedding Cake: a Bakeshop | Cinema: Cineprose Films | Entertainment: Bolt Entertainment | Entertainment: Emotion String Quartet | Photo Booth: Foto Booth Bus | Stationary: Freed Hands | Travel & Accommodations: JW Marriott Camelback | Brides's Gown: Hayley Paige | Groom's Suit: Magro Clothing | | Wedding Planner: Jennifer Starr & Team, J.Starr Stylized Weddings



Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Sabouneh

Misty was completely relaxed on her wedding day and ready to marry her best friend.  She'd been awaiting this day for a long time and the day was finally here!

Misty's bridesmaids were quite stunning and all wore long beautiful gowns by Bill Levkoff.  Misty's gown was by Katie May and looked like absolute perfection on Misty.  All the beautiful floral details were the creative work of Avant- Garde.

Ryan looked very dapper and handsome.  He was so excited to see Misty.  He had actually proposed to Misty nearly two years in the same garden at the Royal Palms where they would now get married. 

Not only was Misty relaxed and happy she also looked luminous. 

Misty and Ryan's color choices paired so nicely with the beautiful twists and turns of the enchanting Royal Palms Resort.

Finally it was time for Ryan and Misty to have their "First Look."

Misty was ready and Ryan couldn't wait any longer. 

Finally, it was time....time to as Ryan would say "lock down this unicorn."

Once they saw each other for the first time they both seemed all the more relaxed and ready. 

And right about this time...the weather started getting a little crazy....

The wind was blowing, lightening was striking, and few raindrops had started falling. 

We were either going to proceed with the scheduled ceremony time, or do a "reverse" cocktail hour and let the storm pass.  Misty made the final call and said "let's do this, and let's do this now."

At that time Misty had changed out of her dress and shoes (to be comfortable) and all of her Bridesmaids were still dressed. 

Misty got back into her dress and shoes, while her girls were doing touch ups, looking for shoes, and packing up their purses and such.

All of a sudden with olympic speed, Misty comes walking through the doorway, completely dressed, before all of her girls and starts walking towards the Ceremony Site.  At that time her girls in record time came chasing after her.  It was quite an impressive thing to witness.

Misty was all smiles and ready to marry Ryan. 

As the wind welcomed her down the aisle, Misty was handed off to her best friend.  The Ceremony was performed by one of Misty and Ryan's dear friends. 

Everything about their ceremony was personalized, so meaningful, and yet so fun.

They were now "official."

It was time to celebrate!

They were so relieved and so happy. 

The guests enjoyed cocktail hour the newlyweds snuck a few romantic photos. 

The Royal Palms was so perfect as it has so many romantic twists and turns. 

Everything about the resort felt so private and special. 

These two had been waiting a long time for this moment. 

As their relationship started as friends, and grew into best friends. 

The night continued with a delicious meal.  The main course was a duet entrée of petite beef tenderloin paired with a butter roasted jumbo shrimp. 

At the end of the night they even surprised all of their guests with a late night fare display of house made pizza, (pizza is a big deal to Misty & Ryan) tenderloin sliders and potato fries. 

It was quite evident how loved Misty and Ryan are by their family and friends.  It's safe to say that these two will continue dancing through life and laughing together every step of the way. 






Photography By: Chard Photographer

Hair & Make Up By: Michael Franco

Floral By: Avant-Garde Floral Design Studio

Bride's Gown: Katie May Collection

Venue: Royal Palms Resort

Planning: J.Starr Stylized Weddings

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Marino

On a warm Saturday in September, Nate & Amanda became husband and wife in front of all of their friends and family.  Amanda is true classic beauty and looked stunning in her lace-backed wedding gown. Nate looked handsome, always a relaxed smile upon his face. He had no doubts... He was ready.

Together, they married at the lovely San Tan Elegante in Gilbert, Arizona. It was obvious that day that they were surrounded by many friends and family that loved and supported them. 

They said "I do" under an arch of greenery, dripped in soft crystals, candlelight and hanging white blooms. 

Amanda was all aglow, and her bridesmaids looked striking in their vibrant blue dresses. 

The gentlemen all looked dapper, and made sure to keep the day light and fun as they cracked jokes all day long. 

The whole day was absolutely lovely.  Nate and Amanda had woven in so many personalized touches, including: a puzzle guest book (that represented their love story), personalized table names,  darling Arizona themed party favors (as many of the guests were from out of town). 
The Mother of the Groom made dozens upon dozens of homemade cookies and treats that were elegantly displayed during the reception. Guests were in heaven indulging in "buckeyes", "peanut butter cups",  and"chocolate covered ritz" just to name a few.

Such a bright and beautiful day for an amazing couple.

Congratulations Nate & Amanda!

The Creative Partner Team...

Event Planning: J.Starr Stylized Weddings
Venue: San Tan Elegante
Photography: Still Life Studios
DJ Services: AZ Celebrity DJ 
Floral: Renata's Designs
Wedding Cake: Piece of Cake Desserts
Specialty Linens: Southwick Linens
Officiant: Anthony Montana

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Mattison

Once upon a spring day on March 14th, 2015, two best friends became husband and wife.

Lacey ~ a fun loving, joke cracking, fun spirited beautiful woman.
  Jarred~ a warm, kind hearted, and caring handsome guy.   

On the day they married their personalities shined through every detail in the wedding.  The most important elements to them were:
1. Everyone have fun!
2. There be lots of surprises!

Lacey chose a dress designed by the famous wedding gown designer: Kitty Chen.  And yes, her dress was a light shade of pink, which she was thrilled about.   Her accessories also included hints of pink hues and sparkle, lots of sparkle. 

There was a lot of excitement and love in Lacey's hotel suite that afternoon while she was getting ready with her mom and all of her best friends surrounding her... . 

Lacey was nervously excited...she just couldn't wait to see her Groom.  

Entering Jarred's room was comical.  The Best man Tim was hard at work ironing away, another groomsman was in a mad search for his missing bow tie...eventually found at the bottom of his tux bag.  Jarred was concerned...concerned about the timeline, about the missing bow tie...but mostly concerned about his bride.  "Is she okay?" 

Finally it was time for Lacey and Jarred to have their "first meeting."  Lacey was on pins and needles...for as calm of a person as she naturally tends to be...this was a moment of sheer, nervous exhilaration. She had waited for this moment for a long time.   

And then their were two.... A team.  Ready to embrace the most magical moments of their life.  Ready to spend the rest of lives together. 

They were ready.... it was time. 

She was ready for him to continue always sitting next to her (never across) and holding her hand.  She was ready for him to continue telling her that "she's amazing."  He was ready for her to continue to always think about him, more great kisses, and always being together.  These things wont change, they will just mean more as time goes on. 

Their ceremony was "Whimsically Glam" in every sense of the word.  There were pinwheels, balloons, polka dots, and many sparkles.  The guests were happy and excited.  Every member of the Bridal Party truly had immense amounts of love for Lacey and Jarred and it showed. 

And Lacey had her balloon....a giant pink balloon with white polka dots. And Jared had her.  

And on that day, we heard them say.....

"There's nobody else, there's nobody else." ~ Lacey
"Life is good baby, life is good.  I love you." ~ Jarred

Everything in the room had a meaning behind it, each detail.  It was important to Lacey and Jarred that the details were personalized.  Their cake topper included their dog, Wrigley.  Their table signs included photos of them, and each number represented something significant to their relationship. 

Entering the Grand Ballroom guests were awe struck by the sparkly, fun, and quirky details.  The Bridal Party sat at a stunning, long feasting table in the middle of the room draped in blush sequin linens. 

The tables were topped with light, romantic flirty flowers spilling out of bird cages, antique oversized windowed photo frames, with touches of pinwheels throughout the room. 

But there was one thing slightly confusing about the didn't have a dance floor?  Hmm....Lacey and Jarred knew this would be puzzling to their guests. 

Awe... but wait.  Just after their beautiful dinner was completed... which by the way was "breakfast"...yes they served their guests a decedent array of comforting breakfast foods! Why? Well because they love breakfast, and why not?

As dinner ended Lacey and Jarred slipped away... And positioned themselves on the other side of the ballroom (which had been divided by an air wall.)  

And all of a sudden....their six piece band started rocking out, and the dividing wall started magically opening... And their was Lacey and Jarred, SUPRISING all of their guests with an additional room, entirely decorated with a LIVE BAND (The most important element to Jarred) and all of the sudden, Lacey and Jarred began dancing their first dance (choreographed) to the song "You are the Best Thing" by Ray Lamontagne.  The crowd went wild... Circling around them in amazement. 

Pure magic.  The band's talent was truly unbelievable, they brought such energy to the room!


And of course the surprises didn't stop there... There was an additional photo booth, a gourmet donut bar... and endless amounts of fun.

The party rocked on all night long.  Everyone had a unbelievable time... Great dance moves, flowing libations... And incredible live music.   

And this was their day.  A day that Lacey and Jarred will always have as "theirs".  All that know them well... know that the party and fun for them has only just begun. 


Creative Partners:

Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton - San Tan Elegante
Photographer: La Bella Vita Photography
Videographer: Richard Talbot Productions
Florist: Renata Hodl
Hair & Makeup: Tiffany Moore
Musicians: Lucky Devils Band
Officiant: Marco
Desserts: Piece of Cake Desserts, Darling Donuts
Photo Booths: Kylee
Wedding Planner/Designer: J.Starr Stylized Weddings

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Glass

Eric and Vanessa's opulent Wedding Day took place on Saturday October 4th, 2014.   Vanessa was absolutely luminous in her custom tailored Brides by Demetrios gown.

Her shoes were full of sparkles, much like Vanessa's personality... and her choice of scent to wear on her wedding day was Dior J'adore Eau de Parfum.

Eric looked oh so handsomely dapper in his custom fitted tux by Celebrity Tux and Tails. 

The bride (and her dancer legs, umm wow) had carefully planned out every part of her day.  Upon entering the Bridal suite at the Sheraton Downtown Phoenix, I saw that Vanessa had thought of every little "comfort" item to make sure that all of her bridesmaids and family members felt welcome. She had created a sparkly welcome sign with all the girls names, had music playing, the room was filled with scented candles, trays of delicious food and of course mimosas for all.

Eric was cool, calm, and collected. He was excited to spend time with family, friends, and didn't even mind having to dress in his tux rather early in the day,  to ensure the photography timeline wasn't rushed. (thank you again for trusting your Planner on this suggestion ;) 

Vanessa was all a glow...and ready to marry her love.

The Bridesmaid's were all strikingly stunning.  It amazed me how they barely needed any instructions on posing from the photographer....they just did it, effortlessly. 

 And the Groomsmen....definitely kept the day fun and lively.

Oh my, no words.   Vanessa had asked her best friends daughters to be her flower girls.   They each held a letter as they walked down the aisle, stealing everyone's hearts.

Vanessa took her walk down the aisle at the glorious St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church.

Eric's smile lighted up the room when he first set eyes on his Bride. 

And together hand and hand they walked back down the aisle for the first time as Husband & Wife.

The reception took place among three different areas at the ultra modern yet classic Arizona Science Center.

Cocktail Hour took place in the "My Digital World Gallery". 

A very high tech fun filled area...complete with innovations and digitized walls and screens that augment reality.

Dinner took place up on the Solar Terrace.

Guests were seated in a cross shaped feasting table.  The table was covered in candlelight and low floral centerpieces atop a sparkling metallic table runner. 

The cake was classically glamorous, complete with hand sculpted flowers. 

One of the most breathtaking design elements of their day was the candle staircase.  As guests entered the private entrance for the Wedding they were greeted by a stair cased filled with gold dipped candleholders and a glow of enchanting lit candles. This was completely Vanessa's vision....and wow it was incredible. 

Vanessa is a former Phoenix Suns Dancer, a former Phoenix Mercury Hip Hop Squad, and a former dancer for the  Los Angeles Clippers Spirit Dance Team. And now,  Vanessa owns and operates a dance program for kids of all ages in Phoenix called Lime Lite Dance.  So, it only made sense that their Glass Wedding Reception was full of amazing dancers!

Vanessa and Eric surprised their guests with a special dance performance by one of their friends, Natacha Bachour.  Natacha just wrapped up the show "VEGAS" at Planet Hollywood and is now rehearsing for a brand new show taking place at The Wynn.

Eric and Vanessa were mesmerized by each other as they danced to their first song "By Your Side" by Sade.

At the end of the night, guests lined the exit and tossed sparkling gold sequins at the dashing couple.  Just before loading into the Mercedes getaway car, Vanessa hugged me with tears in her eyes and said "Jennifer, it's all over"... and my response to the beautiful bride was ..."It's only just begun!"
Vanessa and Eric later honeymooned at the lovely The Regents Palms Resort in Turks and Caicos. 


WEDDING PLANNER: J.Starr Stylized Weddings
VENUES: Sheraton Downtown Phoenix, St. Xavier Catholic Church, Arizona Science Center
FLORIST: Lori Elliot
CATERING: Santa Barbara Catering
RENTALS: Event Rents
CAKE: Custom Cakes
RINGS: Shane Co
MEN'S TUXS: Celebrity Tux and Tails
BRIDE'S  GOWN: Brides By Demetrios
BRIDE'S SHOES: Nordstrom Rack
HAIR: Lauren Simpson & Kaylon Brunot
MAKE UP: Katie Theulen, Janice Bulger, Kayla Oberg


Same Two People, Ten Years Later, Much More Love

On a beautiful breezy day in April, all of Brianne & Donnie's loved ones gathered together watch these two renew their marriage vows to each other.  The Ceremony was held at St. Matthews Church, a church that they have recently found a home at.  The grounds were quaint, charming, tidy....the inside of the church was lovely...with wood benches, natural lighting, and a lovely alter with delicate stenciling around the cross.

It was such an honor for me to be a part of this special day, being Brianne's Cousin, I had been in their Bridal Party ten years ago.  I was able to participate again this time as their Planner and again as a member of the Bridal Party, a true honor.
Bri and Donnie had mentioned to me years ago that the really wanted to renew their vows on their 10 Year Wedding was special for them to say those words again to each other, have their precious daughters be a part of the renewal, and celebrate again with their family and friends. 

Bri looked beautiful, classically beautiful.  Her dress looked as if it was custom designed for her outward appearance but also her inner spirit as well.  As a little girl, I remember Bri loving "Anne of the Green Gables", she had a large victorian print that hung in her bedroom, as well as these amazing porcelain dolls...she was to me, the definition of sophistication and classic beauty. 
It's a remarkable experience to see all of these qualities she had as a child still evident on the day she renewed her vows to her husband on their ten year wedding anniversary.   

And then there's Donnie, not only incredibly handsome and charismatic....but also never holds back expressing the overwhelming love he has for Brianne and the two beautiful daughters they have together.
Prior to the Ceremony, Bri and Donnie had agreed to a "First Glance" in the church.  Everyone was cleared from the church for the exception of Donnie who stood at the front, facing the alter....the organist who happily agreed to play music for this moment, and the photographer...capturing their expressions. 

Bri walked down the aisle once again, as she did ten years ago...approaching her groom at the front....but this time it was different...the love they share.... the security and comfort they have....the confidence in themselves as individuals and as a couple....had all multiplied, ten fold. 

And additionally, this time around they had two precious daughters to add to the mix.  Shortly after Bri had walked down the aisle....Gracie and Ellie came excitedly bouncing down the aisle, their curls excited to greet Mom & Dad at the alter.

And there they stood...

...ten years later....

...united once front of all of their loved ones....

To simply take a brief moment out of the hecticness of daily life to say....
I Love You.  I Need You. I Cherish You.

And at the very end of the service they were accompanied by their daughters as they walked down the aisle again...filled with more love, more hope, and joy. 

Following the service, was time to celebrate, in a big way! The reception was held at the historic "The Landmark" in Mesa inside their "Heritage Hall." It was important for Donnie and Bri to host their reception at a place that was special and meaningful to them.  They love "The Landmark Restaurant" and dine their often with their girls.  They love the character of the building, and delight in the warmth of the homemade food.
The room couldn't have been more perfect for Brianne's style...classically elegant and beautiful.  It was intimate in size with beautiful wood floors, vintage looking gold chandeliers, and a big grand stage.   


The Centerpieces were constructed by J.Starr Florist: Renata Hodl.  When we met with Bri at the venue for a walk thru...we decided that the overall "feel" we were going for was "Downton Abby Inspired." Therefore it only seemed fitting that we keep the look...formal, clean, and romantic.  The centerpieces were created of large displays of babies breath in sleek glass black vases. 

Outside the entrance of the Landmark, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places....stood the happy couple. 

The stage was transformed into a feasting table for Bri, Donnie, their well as both sets of their parents.  The table was backlit was special lighting to create on overall glowing effect.


Bri wore pearls around her neck and in her hair and lace upon her feet.

They each gave very heartfelt toasts to their family, friends, and their daughters...thanking everyone for being apart of their lives, their journey, their story.

After dinner, the dancing began, Bri and Donnie danced again to their song..."Feels Like Home to Me" by Bonnie Rait. 

And then things got WILD....tons of fun was had by this group!

As the night ended...a new chapter began...A new chapter with more love, more patience, more understanding.  Congratulations Brianne & Donnie...what an inspiration you are to many.


Photography: Still Life Studios, Matt Wheeler
Venue & Catering: The Landmark
DJ Services: AZ Celebrity DJ, Juan Sandoval
Florist: J.Starr Stylized Weddings, Renata Hodl
Planning: J.Starr Stylized Weddings, Jennifer Starr

*Special Thank You to Melissa Jonovich, for day of coordination and design set up*

Stunning Views & Timeless Elegance for Mr. & Mrs. Zeller

I just love this couple.  They were referred to me by Chris and Nina, as I coordinated their Dana Point, California Wedding in the Fall of 2012.  If you're a faithful reader of my blog...perhaps you remember when Luke was a featured guest blogger and shared with us their amazing love story.   It was quite evident through Luke's charming and funny writing style that he is completely in love with Marlene....

As I sat down at a coffee house with Luke & Marlene well over a year ago and asked them...."What do you want for your wedding day....What's important to you?" 

Marlene responded..."minimalistic and tasteful"....with a view of the city lights....Luke responded...."whatever my Bride would like".... Well there's no doubt about it....their wedding had breathtaking views...and while the décor was kept minimal it was incredibly elegant. 

Marlene was a classic beauty, when she smiled she lit up the room..

And Luke....the handsome happy..

 The Bridesmaids looked classic...

The Groomsmen, so dapper...

The Ceremony...

The Views....

 "The Kiss"

 Officially Mr. & Mrs...

 The Flowers..

The Setting...

The Cake...

Incredible Setting...Magical

The night ended with a sparkly send off...and a big movie worthy smooch!

Thank you Marlene & Luke for choosing me to help you with your most special day, it was  truly an honor. 


Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Warner

Oh My... Where to Begin....
I met April about 3.5 years ago.  It didn't take long for me to realize that April and I have a lot in common....especially when it comes to our shared passion for the Wedding Industry.  April is a Catering Director at San Tan Elegante and she has coordinated hundreds of weddings.  So, when she pulled me aside at the Bridal Fashion Debut back in June of 2013 and whispered "I'm going to be getting engaged soon, and you're going to be my Wedding Planner" I took it as a HUGE compliment. 
You see, April is a very smart girl and realized early on....when it's time to BE the BRIDE, it's time to BE the BRIDE...I was beyond honored....

The day was so lovely in every sense of the word... and as April said during her Wedding Reception "It didn't rain" as weather reports had teased about earlier in the week.  THE DRESS: April's stunning wedding gown was from Suzanne's Bridal Boutique. 

THE GROOM: Oh Rick.  He is seriously one of the kindest Groom's I've ever had the pleasure of working with.  Rick knew he wanted his Bride happy...and he also wanted to make sure that his guests felt appreciated and loved. And that's really all that mattered to him...

THE DETAILS: April knew she wanted the look and feel of the wedding day to be "Classic Romance"... she knew that when Rick and her show their children their wedding photos one day...that everything looks "classic" and not outdated.  {Hanger was purchased off of Esty}

THE FLOWERS: There were flowers just amazing shades of white, cream, pink and blush.  Kristen Mandly, owner of Blume Events and her talented team really captured the feel and look that April wanted. 

THE BRIDE: April, how I love you so.  The first moment I saw April that day she was overjoyed.  I'm so thrilled that she and Rick both truly enjoyed every moment of their day.  April {especially being so knowledgeable and experienced in the Wedding industry} had so much appreciation for all of the people and work that went into this day.  She was truly GLOWING.

THE VENUE: Seville Golf and Country Club.... Seville is like home to me.  It was such an honor to be back there, it felt like no time had gone by.  Emily Glenn the Private Events Director was a true professional in every sense of the word. 

The Ceremony Site was so elegant, complete with giant flower displays framing the walk way.

And swirls made of rose petals down the aisle....

THE WEDDING PARTY: What a fun group of people!  Pictured here is little Miss Payton, the Bride's adorable niece, doing a fantastic job! 

THE KISS:  By FAR the LOOOOONGEST kiss I've ever witnessed!

THE HAPPY COUPLE: They were just so happy to be Married!  Truly, so happy to have found each other.

THE BRIDE: How Gorgeous is THIS girl? 

THE GROOM:  It was often that you see the handsome Groom simply gazing over at this Breathtaking Bride.


PHOTOGRAPHY: It's always a blast when Still Life Studios captures your day! Matt Wheeler, Bridget Levi, and Richard Talbot {video} did an outstanding job documenting this day....and the Sunset that night was unbelievable!


THE RECEPTION: Just Gorgeous!  Southwick Linens provided the "Pewter Pintuck" linens on the guests tables, adding to the elegant look were black chavari chairs....topping the look off with centerpieces from Blume Events.

THE CAKE:  The decadent cake was created by Piece of Cake Desserts

 J.STARR TEAM:  My lovely and very talented Coordinating Assistants Renata & Melissa

STATIONARY: All of the invitations, programs, place cards and menus were provided by Definitely Debra making all of the beautiful details extra personable.

THE ENTERTAINMENT: Was provided by the talented Juan Sandoval, Owner of AZ Celebrity DJ 

I had so many favorite moments of the night... if I had to pick my top three:
1.) The Kiss! So Funny!!
2.) The Song ~ April completely surprised her Groom and all her Wedding Guests by singing " At Last" {By Etta James}... for a little girl, she has some pipes!  She use to sing competitively in school...and on their first date Rick joking said to April " You have to sing at our Wedding"....and she did just that!  Her song brought the entire room to their feet, it was outstanding.
3.) The Thank You Toast: Yep, April made me cry {more than once}.  But especially during her "Thank You" Toast.  After thanking all of her family and friends, she thanked ME.  Her words were so heartfelt..I've never had that happen to me before, it was so unexpected and meant so much.
You see...the BEST part of being a Wedding Planner is that you make Life Long Friends in the Process. 

The night ended with the Bride and Groom smooching in Rick's 55' Chevy Bell Air Classic Car, that was displayed at the entrance of the Grand Ballroom. 
It was just an unbelievably beautiful evening... yes the amazing florals, linens, uplighting all contributed but what really made that night so beautiful has the visible LOVE that Rick and April show for each other. 
Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to experience this with you...I wish you much joy, happiness, and trips to Disney!  Love you both!
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Chris & Nina's Spectacular Wedding Day!

I just love this couple so much and had a wonderful time working with them on their most special day....the photos by Still Life Studios turned out so beautifully...
I'm almost at a loss for words....

Nina, the gorgeous bride is very close to me...and by nature a very easy going person, with an infectious laugh and genuine charm.  It was a wonderful experience for me to be able to be an "insider" on her most special day. 

Her Groom Chris, was lovingly called "The Bride" many times by Nina.  As he was very active in the planning process... it was a great way for me to get to know him better.  I personally LOVE it when the groom is active in the planning, maybe that's because my groom was active in the planning process.  It's really helpful, and the wedding day becomes a true collaboration of their blended personalities.

Their "first meeting" was on the beach....THE BEACH!!!  Knowing that it would be very difficult for the "J.Starr Design Team" to assemble floral on site {with it being a destination wedding} Nina opted for her bridesmaids to hold these darling pinwheels for their bouquets...all made by the talented bride herself!

She also handmade her bouquet, along with the corsages, and boutonnieres!

 All their lovely details came together so beautifully.....

 And most importantly...they had fun!

The Reception took place at this lovely restaurant venue that overlooked Dana Point, called Cannons.
The staff and Cannons was exceptional! Truly...they helped myself and my team so much with the set up details...maybe they felt sorry for "Preggo"... I was really impressed and appreciative!

They had chosen lanterns, lighted sticks, and pin wheels to be decor theme of their reception...and it turned out so lovely and so fitting for the venue!

 And Chris and Nina were no fools... they knew that had to fly in Still Life Studios to capture their day.  And they opted to book 2 photographers rather than one... and of course the photos prove what a great decision that was!

Just breathtaking!

And this last shot, showcases the view of the reception, it was a truly magical night.  I feel so honored to have had a part in this day, thank you Chris and Nina.  Much love to you both!!!
"So thankful for Jennifer Starr's amazing event management yesterday, even while pregnant and a guest at our wedding, and the unreal photography skills of her husband Justin and his cohort Matt Wheeler. You. Guys. Crushed. It. In every possible sense." Chris Cardinal, Groom