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Stylistically, Who are You?

Hello Friends!

Let’s discuss….”Stylistically, Who Are You?”

Once you’ve ruled out everything you don’t want …how do you determine what you do want? This is part of the process that isn’t easy…even the most creative people struggle to pull their inner style of themselves to be displayed in an artistic fashion. But there are some simple ways to help you with this process.

1.) Look around your home…do you see a pattern in color? Is your home formal or cozy? What feeling do you get when you walk into your home? Or if anything, what do you wish was the feeling you felt when you walk into your home?
• Traditional
• Personalized
• Urban Glam
• Modern
• Organic & Natural
Write down notes on what you see and feel?

2.) Do the same with your closet. Really study your clothing…they will speak to you. Do the same for your fiancées clothing (remember you will need a blend both your styles)

3.) What are you special interests? What do you love to do? What do you love to do together?
• Cooking
• Outdoors
• Museums
• Sports
• Music
• Travel

4.) Let’s talk sound. Who are your favorite musical artists? That type of you music do gravitate towards? How about your fiancée? Don’t be afraid if your tastes differ, that makes for a good a blend.

5.) If you had to pick three words to describe to describe how you want your wedding to look, which words would they be?

Once you’ve taken some time to really study stylistically who you are…you find your planning process will be become easier. As always I highly recommend hiring a Wedding Planner/Designer to take your thoughts to the next level. A Planner /Designer will create mood boards for you to absorb and choose the best direction for your Wedding Day. Try not to get overwhelmed. Couples put a lot of pressure for wanting to make everything “perfect.” Please remember, the most memorable wedding aren’t perfect, they are “different.” And you can achieve a “different” wedding when you pour your personality into your selections.

Photography: Brooke Photography

3 Steps to Build a Beautiful Foundation for Your Reception

 (Photo By Rachel Solomon Photography)


Steps to Build a Beautiful Foundation for Your Reception 

Yeah, you've officially booked your venue and your wedding date! Congratulations, that is a huge check mark on the "to do" list! What do you do next?  Well, often times after a venue search things can be left very scrambled in your head.  But please don’t start overwhelming yourself by jumping ahead…let’s start with your foundation.

1.)    Confirm what’s included.
Read thru your venue notes and your contract.  Make a list of everything that’s included with your venue.  What do the chairs look like for the ceremony, what about the reception?  What type of existing furniture does the venue already have in place?  What type of linens are included?  Are they lap length or floor length? What colors do they come in? What about napkins?  Does the venue offer any type of centerpiece options?  What about vases?  Do they offer candles?  Uplights?  What are the table options? Really understand everything that is included and everything that is not included, before you move forward with any of your décor decisions. 

2.)    Decide on Your Colors
Really consider your venue, the season, and your overall personal style.  It’s important that your colors work with your venue and not against it.  It’s important to consider the season due to weather and your floral options.  And of course you’ll definitely what your colors to reflect you and the style that speak to you.  

3.)    Select Your Linens
Start by choosing your linens.  This will be helpful for you do even before selecting your bridesmaid’s dresses or invitations.  Decide on whether or not you’d like to use the linens that are provided by the venue of if you’d like to upgrade to specialty linens.  Linens make a HUGE impact on the overall look of your reception, and the options are endless.  I recommend making an appointment with a rental company to visit their showroom in person.  Once you’ve selected your linens, your foundation for your reception will be laid and you can then begin building on top of it with all the other beautiful layers (floral, beautiful menus and paper products, and candlelight.)

With Sincerity & Style,
        Jennifer Starr, J.Starr Stylized Weddings

5 Styling Secrets to a Luxury Wedding Look on a Moderate Budget

Photo By: Still Life Studios, Linens By: Southwick Linens, Floral By: Flower Bar

Yes, your venue will serve as the foundation for your wedding day. Choose a place that simply makes you feel good when you walk the property. Think about the entire experience, how you felt upon arrival, the grounds that you walked, the overall views, the service, and overall ambience. Often clients are “sticker shocked” by the price of their most desired venues, but guess what? If you choose a venue that you love, with lovely natural built-in features, you won’t have to spend a fortune transforming it.

People tend to choose linens toward the end of the planning/design process when they should actually be the second thing you do, once the venue is selected. Linens are the second major part of your foundation. Pick colors that work within the space and with your color-scheme. Upgrading to floor length linens (meaning the table legs are covered) always give your reception a clean, polished, luxury look.

Be cautious not to follow the current trends too heavily. Reason being, “trends” don’t often age very well. You don’t want to look back at your wedding one day and say “Wow, what was I thinking?” Now this doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate touches of fun trends, but when it comes to your overall design, “going classic” is always a safe way to build an overall beautiful and timeless look.

Pre-arrange with your florist and wedding planner to have your gorgeous large ceremony florals smoothly transported and reset into your reception during the cocktail hour. Yes, you can use the same floral arrangements and your guests will never know.

Yes, up-lighting, bistro lights, and tons of candlelight can completely enhance any space. Include candlelight everywhere and in unexpected places to create a luxury experience. Up-lighting your reception walls can transform your event and really help to set the mood.